Samar Mohan Makes A Sensational Debut With A Brilliant Book!

Samar Mohan's poignant narrative delves into the complexities of identity and stigma, offering a fresh perspective on Muslim stereotypes

Author Samar Mohan has debuted with a fantastic and stunning novel with utmost sensitivity. The Muslim In My Head narrates the tale of American academician, Lyle Cline, who gets the opportunity to interview Tahir Hussain, a recently acquitted terror suspect in order to understand the mindset of Islamic radicals.

Not only is the concept unique but the treatment is fresh without getting melodramatic. The beauty of the book is that the characters seem real and immensely believable while the geographic landscape, which keeps on changing as Tahir recounts his past, have been written in vivid detail which transports the reader to the location.

Poignant and an eye opener, The Muslim In My Head, published by Alcove Publishers and full of heart stomping moments, is a book you cannot afford to miss at all!

After a long time, a topical book has made its way into the Indian market. The Muslim In my Head is a novel that explores the stigma attached to the Muslims in general owing to the radical approach of a few.

The story takes us through the emotional, shocking and turbulent life of Tahir Hussain, a man recently acquitted after being considered a terrorist. As he recounts what made him lead up to where he currently is, the reader is taken on a global ride from the alleys of India to the cities of USA which helps in creating an impactful and layered storytelling narrative.

The writing is crisp yet sharp and the style is vivid and fresh. Each and every character, be it a primary or a periphery one, leaves a distinctive mark and makes us question the actions of individuals as well as of nations in creating a society plagued with prejudices.

Strongly recommended!

Title: The Muslim In My Head

Author: Samar Mohan

Publisher: Alcove Publishers

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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