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How to Turn $100 into $500 with Eli Dangerfield

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Published on: April 30, 2020 | Updated on: April 30, 2020

Eli owns his own thriving watch company called Elmore Lewis Watches, which he put together as a teenager

Eli Dangerfield

Eli Dangerfield

Eli Dangerfield (@Elidangerfield) is just the man you want around when it comes to helping your business flourish. Why? Well, because he’s done it before, with himself and thousands of others. He is a millionaire at 21.

It’s hard enough to find a millionaire who’s 21-years-old, especially down in Adelaide, Australia, where he lives.

Eli owns his own thriving watch company called Elmore Lewis Watches, which he put together as a teenager. Growing up, he lived in an average family until his mother got into a serious car crash that had left her unable to work.

Eli wanted to ease the financial burden so that the family could live comfortably. He experimented with many different ideas that he found with a quick google search of "how to start your own online business." After scrolling through Facebook and seeing numerous ads for eCommerce companies making millions for selling such simple products, with very clever advertising, he got an idea.

Before moving on with the idea he needed to take the whole ordeal step by step in order to stay organized and ready. The product of choice to sell was easy, watches as he always had a passion for watches growing up, so it was perfect. Unfortunately, to make this process more difficult, he had to do it all on his own. No one in his family ever owned or had experience with what it took to own his own business. He had to spend many days staying in and researching all that he needed to know in order to build the best brand he possibly could.

After writing down the whole process in which he would follow to get to the top, he managed to make it big. People heard of his success story and flooded his social media with questions about his successes and about how they could do it too, after all he was only 21-years-old and a millionaire with his brand rating sitting at 5-stars. He figured that the smartest move would be to start his own online course outlining the process to make good money online.

He now works with thousands of people to get them out of debt, and their products into the hands of consumers everywhere.

During the process you will feel stressed and worn down and it’s up to you to figure out what needs to happen to control this. For Eli, he took on exercise and swimming in cold lakes to clear his head.

Things won’t always be rainbows and butterflies, they never always are. What is important is that you remain positive through the tough times and surely you will get to the good times.

It won’t happen overnight, it’s a work in progress and that’s why that is one of the first steps that are taught in Eli’s training program. You need the right mindset going into this sort of thing, your mindset is going to be the "make it or break it" of the whole process.

Eli has one last piece of advice to share, he says "Knowing your numbers is the key to scaling your store or business in general. In regards to your paid advertising, if you know that when you spend $1 in ads, you make $5 back, it becomes a process of aggressively yet sensibly doing your best to spend as much money as physically possible before you reach a point of diminishing returns. For example, if you know that when you spend $100 a day, you make back $500… why not scale up and start spending $1,000 a day to make back $5,000… obviously it isn’t that easy, but that’s the concept behind it… know your numbers, and you can scale. "

To find out more about Eli’s business, you can find him here @Elidangerfield

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