Verd Media CEO Tamas Boruah spills the beans to getting success in digital marketing

Tamas Boruah is an inspiration to scores of youth today who feel disillusioned in the age of internet

"You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar

Following the aforementioned quote in the year 2013, from a small town in Sibsagar, Assam, the digital enthusiast began to explore his possibilities and changed the future course of his life by aiming and achieving big.

In conversation with the digital marketing expert and ace entrepreneur Tamas Boruah, we understand the various aspects of making it big in the digital marketing industry by a young leader who has broken all boundaries with his digital marketing agency known as Verd Media based out of Bangalore, India and has taken the market by storm by proving their mettle at various essential services of digital development online.

"Like any other vocation, one needs to stay focused and upbeat with all the upcoming trends and changes in the digital marketing world, there is no shortcut to success and it always comes via consistent efforts at providing the best service and performance in whichever niche you operate, if you are able to convince the consumers that you have something that can provide them with value, then they will certainly invest in your products and services", explains Tamas Boruah, CEO, Verd Media.

On being asked, how did he self-learnt to build his business, he says," The start can be intimidating for everyone, everyone has to begin from scratch, when I began blogging, there wasn't much information that was available so I would get hands-on whatever I could and would try and test every new technique to find what works the best, that is the key, you have to be inquisitive to grow and learn in this ever-expanding industry, if you stay consistent and don't be dejected by failures, then you will see success coming in the long run".

Tamas Boruah is an inspiration to scores of youth today who feel disillusioned in the age of internet, the 23-year-old is not only a leading name in the digital marketing industry but is a renowned entrepreneur who has earned his way to the top through his excelling digital solutions agency, Verd Media.

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