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Mohit Madanlal Grover the rising public figure in social welfare arena

Published Mar 30, 2021, 9:18 pm IST
Updated Mar 30, 2021, 9:18 pm IST
Mohit Grover
 Mohit Grover

Mohit Grover aka Mohit Madanlal Grover, a well-known social worker and youth icon from Gurugram, Haryana was quite clear from his childhood to choose the path of public service.  In local, state & federal level of public service, social workers play an important role and Mohit’s role has not been any different. This choice of Mohit, however, has been challenging and rewarding as well, however, he prepared himself rigorously for all the good & bad aspects a social worker life offer.

In Indian social welfare arena, most social workers and organizations are considered corrupt and it is general perception that such people find themselves above from the level of common men & laws, however, there are young social worker like Mohit Grover who are determined to change this narrative and this reflects in Mohit’s dedication to improve the living status of each person who comes under his area of service.

In the process to serve the people, Mohit Grover, at the age of 26, contested year 2019 Haryana’s assembly election from Gurugram constituency and for the young & first-time contestant, to get the support of around 50 thousand people is huge morale booster. This support from public surprised Mohit’s opponents as well. This support was the result of Mohit’s untired efforts of interacting with every person and convince with his plans to serve them. It is never easy for a young person to dedicate his life to the society’s welfare because it requires personal sacrifices and a lot of pain but Mohit has different thought process as he wants to be part of solutions not to creep on the problems and understands that all the difficulties are part and parcel of social activist life.

After getting the higher education, instead of choosing any comfortable job or business, Mohit chosen the toughest career route and entered the social welfare field with the motive of serving and help the people to overcome any administrative problems. Within short span of time, he has got a lot of success and support of people in this cause. Mohit inspired youth to come and fight along with him from all the issues relating to them and their families which increased his popularity 2 folds. Mohit’s ultimate aim is to provide the help and support to the last person sitting in last line of social stature and there will be hardly a day when Mohit has not worked towards this goal.

During COVID-19 lockdown, Mohit formed a team to help the needy with food and much needed support who were leaving for their native places, he provided them shelter and comfort as much as he could. These efforts of Mohit, were praised by the local administration as well and now he is integral part of every social welfare group and non-profit organization’s meetings to discuss about the issues and ways to solve them.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Mohit used to help the financially week section of society with the much-needed support by providing them daily wage work, financial support to start their small businesses. Apart from financial help, Mohit organized several free health checkup camps, eye checking camps and blood donation camps to help the rural and slum areas people. Wherever his support is needed, Mohit reach there as soon as possible and work with locals to overcome the issues they are facing.

Being a responsible citizen, Mohit understand the value of clean environment and to improve the condition of current toxic atmosphere, he has organized several programs related to plant saplings and environmental awareness which are now showing results when young and old people understand the need to clean atmosphere and support him in his campaigns.

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