Career options for science stream students after class 12th

Engineering is one of the most common yet best opportunities for those who have PCM

In today's world education is the most important to build a career. Earlier students used to wander here and there for the best of their career and right guidance after their schooling.

So, if you are a student and looking for Career Options for science stream careers Students after Class 12th then congratulate yourself.

As you landed on the right page.

Here today we will be counseling you get the right career of your choice. So just scroll down and check out all the options available for you to pursue and make a career in it.

Career Options for Science Stream Students after Class 12th


Engineering is one of the most common yet best opportunities for those who have PCM. Yes, you can't pursue engineering with the PCB subject.

If you want to do it in the best way. Then you can go for the JEE mains and JEE advance exam. It will help you get the best college like IITs and NITs to pursue your engineering.

If you are looking for an architect course, then you must go for the NATA exam.


MBBS is the course to help you become a doctor. It is the most common for all those who had PCB in their +2.

And if we talk about the career opportunity then you are surely going to have a bright career in this field.

If a comforting life with decent earnings is what you are looking for, then let me tell you, folks, you can fulfill it with the MBBS degree. But let me tell you that to get that comfort, you have to do lots and lots of hard work while pursuing this degree.

B. Arch

B. Arch is the bachelor's degree in architecture. It is one of the most popular degrees for science students nowadays. The architecture personals are growing day by day and so does the opportunities for all of them.

B. Arch contains kind of same value as the engineering does. You can build a very successful career with a B.arch degree. It is not necessary to pursue a job, you can have your own architect firm as well.

Bachelor Of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is concerned with pharma which is integrated with the medicines. So, if you have PCB but you don't really feel like becoming a doctor at all.

Then getting inside the field of pharmacy is one of the most amazing options for you.

It is related to healthcare and medicines and yet not becoming a doctor.

In a nutshell, it is one of the most amazing career options available for all those who had PCB in heir +2 and they don't actually want to be a doctor.


So, these are some of the Career Options for Science Stream Students after Class 12th. There are a lot more options available. But the above ones are the most popular and the highest paying as well.

Thus here you will tend to get some of the best opportunities for the future along with decent earnings.

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