How Koushik Das's Northeast Headline is delivering news blazingly fast across India?

Koushik das predicts that by the end of 2022 he will have more than 1 billion subscribers to his channel

Northeast Headline is one of the most versatile news broadcasting website of North Eastern states in the recent times. There are very few news websites out there who dedicatedly provides news and information about the North eastern states proactively. Although new, but Northeast Headline is being praised for blazing fast coverage of every type of news from all parts of Northeast. Koushik started this news channel as he wanted to share genuine news to each and every corner of Northeast.

The website is not only sharing general news but all sorts of news which includes COVID news, Health related news, Business and economy related news, sports news and many more. Koushik das took almost half a year to setup this news channel and now he has more than 100000 visitors everyday on his website. He has setup his office which has more than 100 contributors from different parts of North east states.

The idea behind Northeast headline is that, there are 100 contributors across all parts of northeast who are keeping eye on every situation. Once something happens, it reaches the newsroom and there upon gets broadcasted to through North east headline website. By Northeast Headline, not only Koushik das is making it possible to spread clean news throughout North eastern states but in this tough time Pandemic he is creating Jobs for many. Koushik das predicts that by the End of 2022 he will have more than 1 Billion Subscribers to his channel and will have more than 1000 contributors and employees working dedicatedly for Northeast headline. In recent times Northeast headline has provided live coverage on ground situation of COVID from Assam, Tripura, and Meghalaya. People are praising his channel more and more for the amazing content he is providing through his news channel.

Koushik Das is a young Entrepreneur hailing from the Northeast India and who has an array of business setups across North east. Northeast headline is the latest setup he has added to the list of start-ups he is handling. Northeast headline was established on May 2021 but the preparation started back in May 2020 during the tough time of COVID. Northeast Headline focuses more on deliberate news and news which are often missed out by the mainstream news media. Northeast headline is very impartial news channel which is making the channel popular among northeast in very less time period. His employees are very happy with the platform he has provided and want to give their 100 percent for the growth of his channel even during these tough times of COVID-19.

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( Source : Spotlight )
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