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A trend of going paperless has been noticed by many companies worldwide, and one of them is India International Insurance

Businesses throughout the world are undergoing change. Although the change is subtle, it is coming and will be here to stay. The earth is experiencing severe climatic transformation in all countries. Extreme cold, high temperatures in summers, extended rains, and floods all are results of global warming. This alarming situation has pushed people to evaluate the detrimental effects of their activities on the environment. The reason why global warming is increasing with each passing day is the significant reduction in trees worldwide.

It is not a hidden fact that trees are the primary source of some of the basic necessities in life. But this does not give humans the leverage to exploit this natural asset. Instead, people should be more careful about its usage and growth. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Industrial expansion throughout the world is a major reason why trees are being wiped out. Out of the many sectors that heavily depend on papers and other things made out of trees, the corporate sector is actively working to incorporate greener environments. India International Insurance is one company that is actively working to make the environment greener and healthier for the earth and its people.

Lead the Scene and Keep It Green

As people take care of their homes and keep it fresh and clean always, the earth too is our home. But this fact is not comprehended by the masses at large. The recent activism and awareness strategies about the effects of global warming have awakened a sense of responsibility among many people. They evaluate their actions on the basis of a greener environment. Realizing the seriousness of the issue, India International Insurance, a Singaporean insurance company, has incorporated various techniques and strategies that lessen the burden on trees and creates a sense of awareness among its employees.

A trend of going paperless has been noticed by many companies worldwide, and one of them is India International Insurance. The company has taken a bold step to digitalize all of its work and create a paperless environment. III is aware of the fact that the reduction of paper from just a single company would not make much of a difference. But the aim of the company was to be motivational for others to follow in their footsteps. The change was brought gradually. Initially, it was difficult for the employees to switch from papers to computers, but the slow and steady reduction in papers converted into a solid habit.

III has integrated multiple software systems to ensure accessibility and security of a sound network infrastructure. This infrastructure handles the storing and sharing of files by a large volume of people. The continuous staff training on new technologies and processes has also impacted the mindset of the employees. They are now more conscious of their personal consumption of paper and various other things that could harm the environment. Today, India International Insurance is making its mission to go paperless by strategizing operations of its each department to reduce the use/printing of paper. They can be called one of the trailblazers of adapting a paperless environment. Following this, Marine(most of the underwriting) Department of this company has started using Digital Signatures which has significantly reduced printing and helped in improving the turn around time of the regular operations.

Another green initiative by this company is its partnering with sustainable industry partners and suppliers for their requirements. The company focuses on using recyclable products that do not harm the environment at their disposal. They partner with selected workshops for their motor insurance products to offer services that are aligned with eco-friendly practices. It lays extreme emphasis on the consumption and wastage of resources. They have released internal guidelines to decrease total resource consumption by reducing waste of electricity and water. The company has also enabled sleep mode and power savers for computers; printers default set to 2- 2-sided printing and prints only when necessary, encouraging the use of re-usable items and recycling.

About India International Insurance

India International Insurance is a merger of stakes of five State-owned Indian insurance companies: General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC Re), The New India Assurance Co. Ltd, and The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd, National Insurance Co. Ltd., and United India Insurance Co. Ltd. It was founded in 1987 and is an autonomous body registered in Singapore.

The company deals with motor insurance, motor fleet, personal accident, travel insurance, home insurance, maid bond package, property, liability, engineering, surety, cargo, and marine hull insurance. It has been rated as A- by Standard & Poors, primarily due to solid capitalization along with excellent liquidity for swift claims settlement. It has over 110 employees and a large group of agents and brokers as support.

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