Why Online Gaming in India Is Still an Immature Industry?

Over the years, India has seen tremendous growth in the online gaming sector. Thanks to rapid penetration and affordability of smartphones

Games have always been an integral part of Indian culture. From playing on ancient boards to shifting to virtual reality, our way of gaming has changed, but the enthusiasm is still the same. Not more than a decade, and the online gaming industry has already exploded in popularity in India. The availability of smartphones and cheap mobile data have contributed to the expansion of mobile gaming and managed to make India one of the prime locations for online gaming.

“The astonishing growth of iGaming and other forms of online gaming are now challenging traditional forms of entertainment. The majority of the young population of India prefer gaming over other sources of entertainment. The iGaming industry might lead the future of entertainment in upcoming years,” says Dinesh Nori, an iGaming expert and the most sought-after writer in the online gaming industry.

Has Online Gaming in India Flourished Enough?

Several iGaming companies are developing mobile-friendly games which enable players to take advantage of pocket-sized gaming. Advantages like this that have been given to players are transforming the iGaming industry not just in India but in other countries as well. Although still a new concept to many in India, online gaming has grown at an astonishing rate.

The features such as maintaining a social connection with other players while gaming and the opportunity to win real money games are one of the reasons behind the popularity of iGaming in India. However, online gaming is still an immature industry in India. Being the second most populated country in the world, India has over 1.3 billion people, and over 365 million of those people are online gamers (in FY 2020).

This number is expected to reach 510 million by FY 2022. So, it is quite evident that online gaming has great potential in India. Moreover, the online gaming industry in India is expected to reach $2.8 billion by 2022 (as per a Deloitte India report). Considering the potential it has in the future, it would be right to say that the Indian online gaming industry has not flourished enough.

Rise of Online Fantasy Gaming in the India

To explain the potential that the Indian online gaming market possesses, today, we spotlight one of the top gaming companies in India - Dream11. Founded in 2008, Dream11 has now grown from one to many brands and now claims to be the world’s largest fantasy sports gaming platform. Businesses like Dream11 are taking the Indian online gaming industry to the next level.

Moreover, Dream11 has elevated the demand for fantasy sports in India. In A country where cricket is practically a religion, Dream11 has provided a platform to cricket lovers where they can create their fantasy team and win exciting cash prizes. The increasing popularity of various sports such as cricket, basketball, or soccer will help gaming companies like Dream11 conquer technographic and demographic barriers. However, the reason behind this growth is not just the gaming enthusiast demographic of India.

We spoke with Dinesh Nori from about his views on the growth of online gaming in India. He believes that any online gaming company that wishes to flourish needs to invest in scaling its user base along with attracting customers by offering their value-adding products. Dinesh is currently working with team to help users become more familiar with the online casinos in India. Their team is using various social media platforms to help people understand how real money gaming works and if its safe or not.

The online platform of Dream11 has witnessed a rise in users from lakhs to crores. The platform has also seen a rise in female gamers, which is quite impressive. This is why Dream11 has now started covering more women’s sports content. Steps like these where gaming companies offer their services as per the demands of their customers can work to their benefit.

Future of Online Gaming in India

Based on information provided by, many iGaming companies in India have seen a massive uptake in their viewership. The online gaming industry will continue flourishing in India. The major challenge that comes in the way is that some states refuse to regulate the iGaming industry. However, the number of Indian gamers is still on the rise.

“The online gaming industry of India is a young market. Many technological advancements and changes are yet to come. There is a need for better challenges in the Indian online gaming industry. Now that investors have realized the potential of the Indian market, the country has attracted many foreign gaming companies and investors,” Dinesh Nori said.

So, it is quite evident that the state of iGaming will only improve with time. The introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has also made online gaming more fun and easier. In fact, the year 2020, which has destroyed many industries, has done the opposite to online gaming. There is massive growth expected in the future due to the explosion of gaming platforms.

As India is also moving forward and developing its IT sector, iGaming will keep following the trend. The gaming interest is already there, as well as a decent number of platforms. Now the right amount of development can take this industry to another level.

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