How to get rid of writer's block and become an established writer? By Arpit Bakshi

Overcoming writer's block is a delicate process as it is highly subjective and depends on the mental state of the particular individual

From columnists to novelists, every writer must have found themselves struggling to find the right words to express their thoughts at some point in life. The inability to write something new or being unable to proceed writing for hours, days or even weeks might be due to a phenomenon known as writer’s block. The overwhelming feeling of being stuck in the writing process is awful, especially for writers who have a commitment to fulfil or are expected to maintain a high output of content.

Overcoming writer’s block is a delicate process as it is highly subjective and depends on the mental state of the particular individual. Generally, the writer’s block can stem from lack of motivation, excessively harsh criticism, fear of comparison, or simply the lack of desire to tell a story. But no matter what causes writer’s block, the writer has to conquer his/her self-doubt to be able to get into the creative space and write. Here are some of the ways one can overcome their writer’s block and become an established writer.

Take a break

Rather than feeling miserable about your inability to write something fresh, take a break and restart. You must give your brain the much-needed break from whatever caused it to wear down. A break can help you unwind, give a new perspective about the subject, and juice up your dried imaginations. While taking a break, make sure to do something that you feel passionate about or just sit down and relax. You might go for long walks, jog a little, or take a hike to exercise your brain cells, reduce stress levels, and feel motivated to curate.

Do Your Research

When the writing gets too tough, it might mean the research is inadequate or the writer has little to no knowledge about the matter they are addressing. In that case, you must go back to the archives and do the required pre-work. Gaining more knowledge about the subject adds confidence to your creativity and makes your writing rich.

Write through your writer’s block

Writing through your writer’s block might seem counterintuitive but it can actually help you to become a better writer. You have to become aggressive and use your willpower to push through and not just wait for inspiration to strike you with its magical power. Develop a writing habit by disciplining yourself to start creative writing on a regular schedule as best creativity is a result of good work habits.

Start daydreaming

Letting your mind wander is the easiest way to pass time but writers can take full advantage of daydreaming to express their creativity with a wonderful imagination. Daydreaming can help to unclog the pathways where ideas once came and give you the ability to think without inhibition and prejudice that can take your writing to the next level.

Practice free-writing

Free-writing is good for any kind of writer, fictional or non-fictional. Writing without caring about sentence structure, grammar, or spelling is an effective way to push through the block. Do not try to make sense of your writing and let the creative juices flow for a pre-set amount of time. The goal of free-writing is to write without second-guessing, free from apathy or doubt, which contributes to the writer’s block. Pick the right surroundings, avoid any distractions, and practice free-writing the old-fashioned way (with pen and paper!).

Make your writing process more visual

When words fail to express your thoughts, try a more visual approach. Create mind maps, lego structures, drawings, diagrams, etc. to easily move your ideas as you wish. Develop a deeper visualisation of characters and settings with coloured pens and paints to bring new dimensions to your writing. Using the picture as a tool adds details to your story and provides the leverage to get your imagination moving.

Read more…

Books are handheld sources of wisdom and reading is ammunition behind the writing. Reading books from any era grants access to brilliant thinkers, storytellers, historians, and philosophers who act as personal mentors to fuel our ingenuity. Especially those who have started writing must read a lot to imbue themselves with diction, sentence structure, examine frameworks for themes and characters. So, next time you want to break the chains of writer’s block, pick up a book and replenish your writing tank.

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