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Suresh Gunda's journey from a CA dropout to a successful trader in Hyderabad

Published Jul 28, 2020, 5:21 pm IST
Updated Jul 28, 2020, 5:21 pm IST
At the age of 25-years, Suresh emerged as the youngest CEO with Dedication, Knowledge & Persistency
 At the age of 25-years, Suresh emerged as the youngest CEO with Dedication, Knowledge & Persistency

Trading is one of the hardest ways to make Profits, however for Suresh Gunda, Trading isn't really hard.

Indeed, Trading is not everyone's cup of tea. Suresh says that an amount of Patience, Risk & Stress management, years of effort and hard work made him a profitable Trader and established his Company - Ankura Corporate Solutions.

Dropping out of college to pursue his dream as an Entrepreneur, Suresh initially found interest in the stock market seven years ago at the age of 19 and was exposed to entrepreneurialism at a young age and decided to branch out on his own.

He started by researching some stocks, subsequently opened a trading account and bought a breakout, and ended up blowing all the Money. From then, he continued to think about Trading regularly.

He realized that he needs to start learning more profoundly to become a consistent trader.

Suresh further decided to focus much on stocks and started researching more and more, traveled a lot throughout India for several months to meet many professional traders, and practiced every possible step to shape his overall trading strategy at the perfect time.

A few bad experiences made him confess that he might rethink the decision about the career in the stock market. However that didn’t stop him from achieving what he wanted to.

He learned that Patience, Flexibility, Dedication, Knowledge and Selectiveness were crucial for maximizing profits.

His focus much on unique strategies helped him improve in trading decisions and trade management accurately and made him a successful trader.

He says that, “ Trading is a battle within you and success comes from love and passion for the market and unlike usual traders .” However, earning Money was secondary to him and his primary goal was to become a successful trader, make the best trades, and help others to be successful in trading.

In the process, at the age of 22, he started a small firm Ankura Financial Services alone. Initially, he began providing free advisory services to some of his friends & customers.

Gradually, the firm started receiving an immeasurable response from the customers - seeking trading advice, discussing their financial goals, and Suresh was too eager to help them.

By the end of 2018, the active client's rate in the company was progressively increasing. Hence, he thought of expanding his services to help as many clients as possible.

In late 2019, they expanded from budding Ankura Financial Services to Ankura Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to serve multiple clients and expand along with providing employment for many to expand his business operations & services.

Today, they manage over 300+ client accounts by giving them regular profits with attractive package services and also they provide Automation services (Algo Traders).

In his opinion, Intraday trading is the most profitable only if you are disciplined, follow basic strategies, and cut losses early rather than waiting for the stock to turn profitable.

However, when asked to comment on why 90% of people lose in trading? He says, "Don't be greedy, and it is the technical knowledge that decides your profit or loss, and make sure you always have a stop loss in place and your emotional stop loss won't work here."
Conclusively, he says that anyone can learn trading.

However, it takes years of experience, professional guidelines, and knowledge to trade profitably.

At the age of 25-years, Suresh emerged as the youngest CEO with Dedication, Knowledge & Persistency.

Today, he is an expert day trader and promising commodity trader who continues to scale and evolve.

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