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We spoke to Dr Vinay Bajrangi - one of the best astrologers in India, regarding the importance of daily horoscopes in all prominent dailies

Astrology, just like any other academic subject, has been very enlightening and informative for humankind. Horoscopes are the only means through which astrological guidance regarding career, business, etc., can be given by any qualified astrologer. Nowadays, horoscopes for all the zodiac signs have gained prevalence in media also. One finds daily horoscope/today’s predictions/today’s rashifal/horoscopes today finding a prominent place in many leading newspapers & astrology sites. As a trend on this, they are being published in all the leading newspapers and websites. People eagerly wait for the newspaper vendors to know their respective horoscopes in the wee hours of the morning. Even the non-believers in astrology glance through these daily horoscopes today, maybe for entertainment's sake only.

However, what should one know before reading such daily horoscopes, how far can one rely on these daily predictions and which is the best website for daily horoscope, we spoke to Dr. Vinay Bajrangi - one of the best astrologers in India, regarding the importance of daily horoscopes in all the prominent dailies. He emphasised many important points and asked people how to take benefits from their daily horoscopes. Below are the excerpts of the interview we had with him:

How accurate are daily horoscopes for a career?
Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: Well, it is a very important question for my clients and me. You see, most astrologers give predictions in daily horoscopes, keeping into consideration only one or two planets, whereas the native’s horoscope or Kundli is formed, by a qualified astrologer, considering all the nine planets and many other things. So, for accurate predictions, all the nine planets and elements need to be considered. Therefore, I would say that one should not have blind faith in a daily horoscope as they are not 100% accurate. It just signals as to what particular do’s and don’ts one should follow on a particular day. For example, if the daily career horoscope for a particular zodiac sign says: do not change the job, it does not mean that the person should never change the job. But it means that that particular day may not be good for a job change. For overall career prediction, there are specific planets and houses that a qualified astrologer examines at different stages to predict whether the native should do a job or business that also in what field. Do not take your career decisions based on daily career horoscopes for different Zodiac Signs.

A daily horoscope is a bit entertaining to start a day. For some, it might be pleasing, while for some, it might be displeasing. As far as my ‘daily Rashiphal’ is concerned, I write on my website a bit more accurately as I write it, considering four planets compared to two planets considered by most astrologers. My methodology is tedious and time-consuming, but I do it as a philanthropic service for my readers. Those who want to take a lesson from their daily horoscope should go through my website to familiarize themselves with tips about what to do and what not to do. But again, I warn them not to plan anything big for their life.

How accurate are business daily horoscopes?
Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: The same solution applies to business predictions as in the case of career predictions. Business daily horoscopes are made by astrologers considering only one or two planets, which is just a general indication for natives to take the initiative in their respective fields. Daily business horoscope can give you a hint for some important do’s and don’ts considering some particular behaviour of planets for that particular day. One can avoid such acts in daily life without taking any significant business decision. So daily business horoscope are mainly to guide person’s daily behaviour e.g daily business horoscope for any zodiac sign says: do not invest in new venture, it means avoid doing it that particular day & not that one should never invest in new venture. For a thorough analysis of their business, astrologers ponder over specific planets and houses. They can suggest to natives what business they should start at what time and whether independently or with someone else. Thus, the right predictions about business can save natives from being misled or demotivated. With timely astrological guidance, they will execute their businesses in the right direction and make their lives happy and prosperous.

What is better to follow the sun or moon sign?
DVB: It will be difficult for me to say which one is better. It all depends on what methodology an astrologer adopts. Vedic astrologers consider horoscopes using the moon sign, whereas western astrologers write daily horoscopes using the sun sign. The reader should know what methodology an astrologer is using for his or her prediction. As far as my methodology is concerned, I make predictions using a moon sign. If readers do not know about their moon sign, they can use my free calculator available on my website to find their moon sign.

For readers' remembrance, I would clarify that the sun remains in a sign for one month, and those born in that month will have the same sun sign. On the other hand, the moon remains in a sign for about two and a half days. So, the number of persons in one moon sign will be much less than those born in a month (sun sign). It is a simple mathematical calculation, and I would advise readers to prefer the moon sign to the sun sign to get better precision and accuracy.

How is an online horoscope different from a daily horoscope?
DVB: First of all, I would like to shed light on making an individual’s horoscope. It is made by an astrologer using three things—an individual’s birth date, birth time, and birthplace. It is unique for every native as these three things will not be the same for any two natives and that also for the same gender. An online horoscope is specific and different for each native. In contrast, a daily horoscope is a generic reading deciphered from the placement of one or two planets for a particular moon sign’ or ‘sun sign.’

An online horoscope will remain the same throughout person’s life but daily horoscope predictions will change every day so daily horoscopes are different from an online horoscope or whether collected personally.

I would say that those who do not have their unique horoscope should opt for an online facility to get their horoscopes made with the right birth date, birth time, and birthplace. If a native is doubtful about his/her birth details, he/she should get his/her birth details rectified first through a master astrologer.

Can we rely on an online horoscope?
DVB: Everything depends on the software that the online portal is using. If the web portal is using a reliable software program, the online horoscope could be accurate. However, an online horoscope is worth relying only if it sheds light on various things—all the relevant charts, sub-charts, and all other things that could be used for a prediction. Another thing here to check is if the person giving online horoscope is competent to give it: is that person the astrologer him/herself or juniors/assistants sitting in the office.

How to find a good astrology website?
DVB: You might have seen many websites that claim to be the best ones with their products and services. I would say that they all have their own merits and demerits. But I prefer people using their own skills to judge which can be a good astrology site than getting influenced about best astrology site in India/USA/Canada & like that. The best astrology site will be the best & good astrology site will be good out of geographical boundaries. As far as my perception is concerned, I would say that a good astrology website is the one that provides you with information of substance and at least some basic inputs about a birth chart than coaxing you to buy some services or products. Some basic information about the native will raise his/her confidence level to rely on whether it is a good astrology website.

Mine may not be the best astrology site, but I can assure you once you visit my astrology site, you are likely to get addicted to it

Apart from providing our clients with the most accurate daily horoscope based on the moon sign, I provide various things— daily career horoscope, daily finance horoscope, daily love horoscope, and daily health horoscope. I do not exaggerate my website, but one will find a detailed online horoscope on my website, and that too free of cost.

For my users' convenience, I have placed many calculators like the love compatibility calculator, numerology calculator, Kaal Sarpa Dosha calculator, Manglik calculator, Rudrakash calculator, and gem’s calculator at appropriate places. You use any of them , compare with any best astrology site, you will make out the difference.

Is there any best astrology website?
DVB: On astrology, you will find many websites. And they all offer different services. If I say that my website is the best astrology site, it would be my exaggeration. But one thing I would say that my site covers all the domains of human life. Considering this, I have decided to make a portal that can shed light on all the human life domains and have something handy for the users, and that too free of cost. According to my perception, I would say that the best astrology website is the one that gives more helpful information and recommendation than being only merchandising.

Can if we say any horoscope a bad horoscope?
DVB: It will be imprudent to say that any particular horoscope is bad. No horoscope is good or bad. Every horoscope has benefic and malefic planets. Whatever we get in our horoscope is determined by the Almighty according to your past deeds. And what we do in present life gives room for a horoscope of our next birth. This cycle goes on till we achieve salvation. Through the horoscope, we can understand all the pitfalls and problems we will face in our lives. The deeds that we do activates/deactivates the planets and houses in our horoscope. We can easily spot what planets and houses we have activated or deactivated through a proper reading of a horoscope. After a thorough reading of a horoscope, suitable methods are adopted to reactivate the good ones and deactivate the bad ones. If this process is done at the right time, we are sure to get desired results. Remember that transits and Dasha play a vital role in astrology, and if we do not heed these transits, good results elude us. Therefore, we advise people to consult a qualified astrologer to understand these planetary transits' impact and get most of them.

Get out of disillusionment. No horoscope is bad. But people make it bad by not doing the proper activations of its planets. So, the mantra is that natives should understand their strengths and weaknesses through the relevant planets. Accordingly, they should work on them to make waves in their lives.

These were the excerpts of the interview we had with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, one of India's best astrologers in India. He is an affable, courteous and philanthropic person. He has written an exhaustive narration about daily horoscope and how to find a good astrology website in India on his website

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