Introducing Esha Hindocha, the all-rounder

She creates amazing content, does meaningful events, strategizes marketing techniques for brands

Hyderabad’s favourite Esha Hindocha started her blog Elan Memoirs back in 2014 just after her son was born. She has always been inclined towards fashion and style but only when she got some time to sit back and relax did she think of doing something productive and meaningful with her knowledge.

Creating content right after delivering was a bit tough. So she got the ball rolling using her images from her earlier days and started writing on how to style and carry garments with elegance. She got on Instagram soon and people loved her unique sense of fashion. Since then, she has been continuing to inspire thousands of girls and women with her lifestyle choices. She is a well-known name in the social circuit of Hyderabad.

She has worked with more than 50 brands in the past couple of years and also heads her own Social Media Marketing Company. Esha believes that Social Media plays a powerful role in branding and marketing in the current age and it is very important for a brand to have standard presence on Social Media for financial growth and reaching targets.

As a child she was a bright student academically and also in her extracurricular activities. She has won many awards in her school and was a National Player in Basketball who represented Andhra Pradesh in 2006. She was crowned Ms. Francis Xavier’s in 2009, won Ms. Sanksruti consecutively in 2011 and 2012 and also went on be Ms IIMC 2012.

She graduated from IIMC, Hyderabad as a commerce student but her interests are numerous. Apart from being a fashionista, she is a foodie and home chef. Her Friends and family swear by her food (thanks to her Gujarati roots). She is also a fitness enthusiast and keeps up with her physical fitness by working out regularly and dancing.

Esha also handles PR and branding for her home brand TejasHarish which is a luxury brand for Men’s ethnic wear. She is one of the founding members of the Telangana Artists Association, a winner of TAA Virtuoso Awards, Winner of DIA 2020 Special Recognition Award in the field of fashion. She calls herself ‘a restless soul’ because she can’t stick to one thing for a long period of time and hence her work as an influencer and marketer gives her enough freedom to experiment with various fields.

If we were to sum it up all together, we would definitely call this diva an 'all-rounder' because she creates some amazing content, does meaningful events across the city, strategizes marketing techniques for brands, is a doting mother and a wonderful home-maker. All of this at an age as tender as 27, surely deserves some applause!

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