Some entrepreneurs are bound to attain success, like, Kabiir Mangghnani

Pursuing his graduation, Kabiir Mangghnani is a 20-year-old entrepreneur.

Kabiir's passion for sofa-making and furniture drove him to start his business in the same line. His family was a significant support to him during his journey.

He was so inspired by furniture designs that he wanted to study sofa-making in Milan, but the pandemic prevented him from doing so.

When asked what motivated him to study furniture even after the pandemic, he replied," I could not research sofa-making in Milan as I planned after XII. To be very honest, I lost hope once for that. The Corona time was also so depressing at the same time. But then I just started my research in designs and did not assume what will be the result. And hopefully, I got the best experiences then."

Family support

The research in design from Italy gave him detailed learning about materials from Europe used in making furniture. After gaining deep knowledge of this field and the Hyderabad furniture market, he decided to enter and start his own business, providing customers with the most demanding luxury designs.

His family helped him with many initial requirements, including finding land, his other needs, infrastructure, marketing, branding, etc.

Business partner from family

Kabiir initially joined Scasa, his mother's brand. It is a modular high-end furniture brand. She gave him knowledge about business and furniture and motivated him to open his own brand. The energy, focus, and vision of someone on his first mission made him feel enthusiastic, nervous and focused. Throughout that journey, he slowly and gradually learned a great deal. As a result of that experience, he realized that there is a lot a man can learn from his experiences.

When asked where he sees himself and his business in the next few years, Kabiir confidently replied," The company I have set up has a unique model to appeal to consumers by providing the world's best-demanded designs. My designs will be available to the Hyderabad market or nearby states and to all of India through Empire Home, with their classy, attractive, and dream designs. I wish to have a lot of growth and success and want my brand name to come in the top 20 furniture designer names after seven years. Yet the future is uncertain, but I am manifesting this right now. Fingers crossed."

Kabiir is very confident of what he achieved and will achieve in the next few years.

He is thrilled to be recognized as an experienced entrepreneur in the luxury furniture market. His vision has always been to provide customers with the best quality furniture. He believes it's essential to have a combination of both so that everyone can enjoy the finer things in life.

Kabiir isn't your average entrepreneur. His hard work has paid off, and he's reached a level of success at a young age. He knows that paying attention to minor details can make a huge difference in a project. He's inspired by clutter-free, elegant, contemporary designs and loves furniture from worldwide. He hopes to infuse his passion for design into his work to deliver quality craftsmanship to his customers.

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