Endless pursuit of rat race affected people’s ability to be emotionally competent

Adesh Chaurasia stresses the fact that the perpetual pursuit of success and power has transformed humans into emotionless beings

Mr. Adesh Chaurasia is a well-known figure in the current economic industry. He's especially known for his leadership skills and likes to keep calm while taking important decisions.

However, Mr. Chaurasia has recently been reflecting on the present situation of our society and how it's being affected by the cut-throat competitiveness of this generation.

Emphasizing this, Mr. Adesh Chaurasia also worries about the fact that only the successful and eminent personalities have been overly-popularized in recent times, with people fighting to have some chance of survival in this fierce business sector. With social media in their hands, people have begun posting their stories of triumph and accomplishments more than anything else, with the rest of the population comparing themselves and their performances with whatever they see on their feed.

Mr. Chaurasia has several friends and acquaintances across all the major industrial sectors, and most of them are contesting to climb the corporate ladder, while some are left thinking of ways to retain their top positions.

To some extent, some form of this competitive nature might be a good thing, but this might also lead to desperation and result in financial, emotional, and physical stress for years. Not only has this affected the way people form relationships and the selfish causes behind those, but the basic human ability to feel for another human is also out of question.

Mr. Adesh Chaurasia stresses the fact that the perpetual pursuit of success and power has transformed humans into emotionless beings who work like a robot, just for the sake of competing with everyone else.

“In order to leave their footprints in the society as someone who can motivate the generations to come, is it important people understand the vitality of empathizing with one another and look beyond the rat race to value emotions and express them to communicate constructively”, as explained by the business leader.

Unfortunately and unknowingly, this race is shown the green signal very long before one realizes it. Childhood is the mold that supports and gives shapes to how an individual will grow up to be. It is generally said that whatever is learned during childhood often remains with children throughout most of their lives, especially when it is something with a worldly and practical view.

Mr. Chaurasia understands the significance of a child’s experiences when he/she is young, and how those moments can help foster their ability to connect with others. He rightly believes that children must be encouraged to give their best in everything they do, but must also be told that sometimes it might not go as planned and it should be okay.

While expressing his concern, Mr. Adesh Chaurasia added, “parents and teachers today must sow the seeds of social and emotional competence in children’s minds as it is easy for their fragile minds to take the wrong interpretation and set their life on that path, while they also feed the same thoughts to the next generation.”

Mr. Adesh Chaurasia serves as a Director at ARC Vastu Nirman Private Ltd. He has led this organization to new heights with his strong professional expertise and leadership abilities. His innovative business practices have served as a blueprint for many companies in India and abroad. His entrepreneurial ideas and concepts have shaped the paths of several young entrepreneurs around the world.

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