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Upscale your career with positivity as MWT sprinkles some important life tips

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Published on: April 26, 2022 | Updated on: April 26, 2022

An ordinary man with extraordinary goals, Mahesh Toshniwal is the founder of Just Imagine

Mahesh Toshniwal aka MWT. (By Arrangement)

Mahesh Toshniwal aka MWT. (By Arrangement)

It is imperative to achieve success and earn great fortunes in life. While many people dream of success, a few of them work towards turning those dreams into reality. Being a guiding light to thousands of people, Mahesh Toshniwal is the name giving life a new meaning through his words of wisdom. Popularly known as MWT, he has been influencing people by bringing ‘WOW’ into their lives.

An ordinary man with extraordinary goals, Mahesh Toshniwal is the founder of Just Imagine, a progressive global organisation that was started to help people fulfil their dreams. Through Just Imagine, MWT has ensured making people meet their desires scientifically with different laws of nature including the law of attraction, the law of reversibility and principles of Metaphysics. Always striving for excellence, Mahesh Toshniwal has reshaped the career of many individuals.

Besides being a passionate mentor, he is a wordsmith, lodestar, sapient, wealthsmith and life success coach. His teachings at Just Imagine have brought a significant change, thereby changing the mindset and perspective of the way you look at life. Headquartered in Kolkata, Just Imagine was incorporated in 2014 where MWT has created a lifestyle free from life’s adversities.

As far as physical well-being is concerned, MWT’s teachings have boosted people’s health suffering from ailments like cancer, heart disease, asthma, psoriasis and COVID-19. MWT’s impactful sessions have even benefitted corporate houses that encourage his sessions to accelerate the self-morale and esteem of their employees. According to Mahesh Toshniwal, it is all about having a positive mindset. "When you cultivate good thoughts, you are surrounded by positive energy. Stay away from things that drain your energy", he revealed.

Moreover, the life coach has authored books in English and Hindi. ‘WOW! Words of Wisdom’ (English) and ‘WAAH! Shabdon Ki Mahima (Hindi) unveil many life lessons on how to live a happy and prosperous life. Needless to say, Mahesh Toshniwal’s contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic is unmatched. He coined various meditation programs to nourish the mental well-being of people. Inspiring people to walk on the path of spirituality, his mentorships have brought sheer joy and peace of mind to everyone’s life.

Not to forget, his guidance sessions are touching people’s lives and he is rightly conducting corporate sessions for reputed companies like HSBC Bank, Kabel Buildcon, Rahee Infratech, AG Capital, and Pioneer foods among other enterprises. As he continues to inspire people with his commendable work, Mahesh Toshniwal is widely regarded for his recent meditation practices namely ‘Imagi-Shield’ and ‘Imagi-vir’. The sessions have indeed been life-changing for people wanting to attain success and growth in life.

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