How Viral Moments became one stop destination for everything fun globally

Viral Moments is one social media page that found wide recognization in India as well as foreign countries

Founded and created under Royalclouds Webhosting Private Limited, Viral Moments is making millions of people laugh all across the globe.

Viral Moments is one social media page that found wide recognization in India as well as foreign countries, all thanks to the diverse nature of the content published and distributed.

The Facebook page of Viral Moments published funniest videos every day giving its viewers ample options to choose from. No matter what is your preference you'll have something for you that will keep you glued to the screen.

The team working behind the scene do their best to match the expectation of the viewers.

Viral Moments also acts as a platform that has been able to connect content creators to a very large audience, which makes them instant social media stars. There is a standard protocol the company follows before distributing any content on its platform or by its parent company.

As of now, The portal has generated more than 1 million in revenue for content creators. The FB page of Viral Moments has garnered more than 1 billion views making it one of the most viewed pages on the social media platform.

The company first identifies shareable or otherwise compelling user-generated videos and then goes into negotiating with the video owners, and then licensing the videos for third-party use and/or featuring the videos in its own productions.

'Viral Moments' has licensed some of the most popular videos on the web working directly with media outlets around the world including ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox, BBC, and all the major Japanese TV networks.

The portal is one Facebook page that has a dedicated fan base. People visiting Viral Moments keep coming back. This behavior of the user proves that the quality of the content published on the portal.

We wish all the best to the team in their future endeavor. If you are looking to get yourself refreshed, you must visit Viral Moments, we bet you'll appreciate us.

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