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Is a 50cc moped better than a car?

Published Apr 26, 2020, 7:00 pm IST
Updated Apr 27, 2020, 1:38 pm IST
When it comes to fuel, the mopeds are taking the game away from cars, even the best cars run around 25-30 mpg

 A 50cc moped is better than a car is a light motorcycle. It has a small 50cc engine that will save you more fuel. As the engine capacity is small, many people prefer it as it saves costs. In this article, we will learn whether it is a good option to ride a 50cc Moped or a standard car is better.

An affordable option


The first thing that comes to our mind is the price of a 50cc moped. They are cheaper when compared with cars. There is no comparison between the price of a 50cc moped and a car. Even a used car costs more than 8 times a new moped.

Many people purchase a car on loan or installments. They had to pay huge interests or plans to repay this amount. While mopeds cost lesser, people buy it on cash without a loan. Thus, there is no need of paying interest or installment plans.

Less Fuel consumption

When it comes to fuel, the mopeds are taking the game away from cars. Even the best cars run around 25-30 mpg. On the other hand, mopeds will run around 130 miles on a single gallon fill.


The difference is because of the size of the engine. The engine of a moped is even smaller than that of a scooter. You also have the option to paddle for small distances. This helps you save fuel. On the other hand, car engines are usually larger than 650cc. Thus, they consume more fuel on a single run.

Convenient travelling

On this aspect, your car scores much better than a moped. A 50cc moped is a good way of travel for one or two people. Minimum items like your day to day groceries can be carried on a moped. No third person can sit on a moped and there is little space for even your monthly groceries on a moped.


On the other hand, even compact cars feature more space. A standard car features 3 passenger seats and ample space in the trunk for all items that you carry. Thus, it is more convenient to travel in a car than on a moped.

Safety from rain, wind, and sun

The moped lags there too. Just like a motorcycle, they are exposed to all climate conditions. If it is raining, you will get wet unless you have a raincoat. The goods you are carrying will also get wet. On a hot day, you will get more heat because of facing the direct sun.

When we compare it to cars, you are much safer. Many cars have an AC system to save you from heat. The top structure of the car saves you from rain. The windscreen is there to protect you from winds. Hence, the car seems better.


Licensing and insurance

A moped proves to be a better option here. Their licensing fees are lower while they don’t need insurance in many states. Even if you need, it is cheap. Cars, on the other hand, require expensive insurance. The license fee for a car is many times more than a 50cc moped.


If you want to save on cost, want a simple yet efficient travel mode, then you should opt for a 50cc moped. However, if you need convenience, safety, and space; a car is a better option to drive.

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