How Artist Rubeena Siddiqui beat all the odds and became successful

She proudly says that social media has been kind to her, and she owes her success to her fans, her husband Faizal Siddiqui, and god

Although the world dwells on the perils of social media, how it has helped people showcase their talents is no secret. It may be too late to recognize the revolutionary aspect of social media, but it has immense potential to give the required exposure to talents. However, these talented individuals need an optimistic approach, commitment, and persistence to get recognized for their talent and become popular. This is how exceptional talents get popular rather than staying stuck in mediocrity. One such talented artist is Rubeena Siddiqui.

Rubeena has such a wide fanbase that it is difficult for people to believe that she has her roots in a village. Her enormous leaps in the entertainment works speak volumes about her skill and goal-oriented approach. Rubeena says, “Being born in a village reduced my access to avenues but not my skills. I just had to hone them and I did that to achieve my dreams”.

Rubeena’s journey wasn’t a cakewalk but she maintained a positive approach and kept moving in the forward direction. As a part of her struggles, she had to face demotivating taunts from relatives, the pressure to get married and settle rather than chasing success, and negative comments from some trolls online. Rubeena was continually told that girls shouldn’t dream and she should prepare to stay indoors rather than going to auditions and trying to be a star. Rubeena decided to give a try to social media and then everyone said that she is just going to waste her time. Rubeena now has the perfect answer for such people in the form of her humungous success. After just 9-10 months on social media, she has 460 k followers on Instagram and 1.4 million fans on MX-Takatak.

She proudly says that social media has been kind to her, and she owes her success to her fans, her husband Faizal Siddiqui, and god. People were eager to get a glimpse of her when she first posted a veiled picture on Instagram. Later, fans showered immense love after seeing her unveiled pictures. Her videos also got popular quickly. She admits that the first video she posted was her lucky charm, as it garnered 1 million views and gave her the confidence to work harder.

Her popularity also increased with her YouTube video “Kamaal Kare tu” which was viewed 1 million times and received widespread applause. She also got many branding assignments and established herself as a model and actress. Her passion for singing and content creation is clear from the versatile videos she posts and gets praise for.

Rubeena thinks that girls in our country are demotivated each day and she wanted to inspire them to block the negative comments and build a life they dream of. She says that Faizal motivated her to do this and also supported her throughout her journey.

We hope Rubeena succeeds in all her endeavors and continues to inspire the youth.

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( Source : Spotlight )
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