Avi Grondin believes business growth is about giving gifts

\'Business doesn\'t lose money when they give gifts. No, they make more money.\'

The competitive business space is one where at the mention of gifts, everyone shrinks, runs to their plush offices' safety, tuck safely behind 'the books,' the financial reports.

Avi Grondin, a young Toronto-based marketer, thinks that businesses giving gifts to their customers are moving in the right direction. Instead, he says, not giving gifts makes businesses lose money.

The concept of gift-giving was made famous by Seth Godin, and Avi Grondin holds such belief. Avi’s believes in gifts a lot. He moved from a broke teenager who desired success to a self-made millionaire, managing one of Canada's fastest-growing marketing agencies. Avi has always been giving gifts in one way or the other. He has always seen his life’s work as offering the gift of his marketing insights to his clients.

The TedX YorkU speaker has always maintained that business growth is hinged on the leaders' willingness to continually offer the gifts of their unique insights to their clients. Making money should never be the first goal for an entrepreneur, Avi said in his TedX speech.

There are so many businesses out there. Everybody wants part of the market share. Many are jostling to win over customers, to make money from the customers' pockets. But what are you, as a business, offering your client?

Value always wins. There is a need for businesses to always look for ways to offer gifts to their customers.

Gary Vaynerchuk, in his book JAB, JAB, JAB, RIGHT HOOK, says that every business should be more willing to offer gifts to their customers. He calls it Jabbing, continuously giving to your customers.

There is no better way for Avi Grondin to help a business succeed other than giving them gifts.

"Gift-giving culture is a cycle. It has a ripple effect that affects every business around. Suppose business A gives gifts to its customers, say its B2B clients. In that case, the serviced business will be more open to giving gifts to its customers, and like that, the ripple effect of gift-giving will spread," Avi states.

“With being open, giving your best gifts, you open up the gateway for other people to become more generous. Business doesn't lose money when they give gifts. No, they make more money. The problem is that many people still see giving gifts in the light of 'monetary gifts' that will cost money. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

"Gifts-giving means giving off all your intelligence and art to your customers. Customers buy your art, and the WHY behind the art," Avi Grondin concludes.

When businesses begin to see the tremendous effects of offering excellence to their customers, doing business becomes more attractive and comfortable.

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