Udit Shah on Samphion: Find and connect with your ideal companions

It\'s not only India\'s first lifestyle and health dating app; it\'s also a chance for people to reconnect with one another on a new level

Nobody can say for sure whether the current situation will cease for good or if this new normal will become the new definition of living, but one thing is certain: people will continue to evolve in terms of their social lives. Although, in these difficult times, where people are keeping inside their houses to shield their loved ones from the pandemic, we understand that they miss being outgoing and social, be it chatting with friends or going out to lunch and dinner, oh! and of course, to meet someone they are dating. All of these activities are and will continue to be a part of people's social lives. However, despite this, individuals continue to utilise online dating apps to meet new people and are addicted to their phones on the various online dating applications accessible.

Well, It doesn't stop there, either, because people were confined to their houses and unable to spend normal hours with their loved ones or engage in any social or bodily activity. The days began to feel routine, and the desire to stay in touch with their particular someone became overwhelming.

While all of this was going on, there was one person who noticed how the pandemic affected people's social lives as well as their health and lifestyle. Since then, he's been thinking about how to come up with something fresh and inventive that would benefit people not only in terms of their health, but also in terms of their social lives, such as dating. Udit Shah, the man behind this concept, opened the door for India's first health and lifestyle-based dating app with his notion of developing something unique.

Udit Shah, an MBA in international Business from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade came up with the idea of establishing something new and different in the dating apps that people could enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.

It's not only India's first lifestyle and health dating app; it's also a chance for people to reconnect with one another on a new level, where they can relate to one another. There are sixteen different profiles in the application. Swimming, dancing, Zumba, meditation, yoga, fashion, etc. The app's exclusivity allows users to select the best options while also putting them in contact with others who share their interests.

This feature in the app provided by Udit is simply a taste of the full picture; the major focus is on the privacy settings of the app's users. He made certain that the software delivers a complete sense of security to all who use it. It has features such as rewarding users by preventing them from taking screenshots, and if someone wants to log into their apps using their phone number, they will receive two separate tags: the "verified" tag and the "samphionister" tag.

Another enticing element he added to the app because he thought it would benefit their goodwill is the way individuals like each other. For example, if a user likes someone and someone else likes him/her, they become connected and begin to communicate. And, if one person sends out a like and the other sends out a super like, the two will become hooked and begin to converse. These are small additions to the programme that make it more appealing. Udit Shah has a preference for tiny details and strives to achieve this. He is persuaded that people are eager to try something different from the ordinary.

With the app's launch in the new normal, Udit provided a ray of hope for those who were missing their social lives, and Udit's approach to the app was definitely a breath of fresh air for them.

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