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Best of Machinery is an online information platform that gives insights into gardening and outdoor planting to its readers worldwide

A new trend influencing people and taking over the food market worldwide is ‘eating healthy.’ Today, people are more conscious of their diet than they were a decade ago. Fitness has become a requirement, which can only be achieved with nutritious and healthy diet. As price and market value are susceptible to the demand by consumers, a surge in the prices of organically grown food is observed. A sudden rise in organic stores and suppliers is seen throughout the market. This trend has made healthy food expensive and hard to follow a nutritious diet as not many can afford it. Fortunately, Best of Machinery, with its expert gardening tips, saves the day.

Best of Machinery is an online information platform that gives insights into gardening and outdoor planting to its readers worldwide. It is a subsidiary of D.B.A. Marketing. Its founders Thomas Phillips and Andrew Gaugler, created this informative platform to educate people about gardening, highlight its benefits, and provide them expert tips and tricks for its maintenance. They aim to encourage people to start growing as it not only benefits people but also the environment.

Live the Green Dream

Everyone likes keeping up with trends without going beyond the budget. As the healthy eating trend becomes common, it can be predicted that organic foods would most likely remain pricey. But that should not restrict one from following a healthy diet. Best of Machinery has an entire category dedicated to outdoors and gardens. It further has eleven sub-categories that solely focus on gardening. The diversity of the category can easily cater to the needs of a newbie as well as address the concerns of a pro-level planter. From D.I.Y. guides on planting a seed to tips and tricks for taking care of fully matured trees, Best of Machinery ensures to provide anything and everything about a garden.

In addition to growing plants, Best of Machinery also covers the vast topic of tools and machinery required to maintain or fix gardens. It has an entire section dedicated to it, which answers all the possible questions that a person may have while operating, finding, or maintaining it.

Launched on December 19th, 2016, Best of Machinery has helped thousands of readers worldwide get started with gardening. By their informative and detailed articles and blogs, they are not only enabling the readers to grow their own food but are also helping reduce the carbon footprint. As pollution has become a pressing problem, Best of Machinery is consciously taking steps to find a problem to the solution.

Each article and blog published by Best of Machinery undergoes a strict reviewing procedure. The company strives to ensure that they provide the most accurate information possible. Only first-rate experts in the field get to be a part of their research and review team, providing their readers with accurate information. In addition to that, fact-checking is a vital part of their process and is not something they take lightly. The team inspects every single article for inconsistencies, so the readers get reliable information when they visit the site. They make sure to cite up-to-date sources that can confirm their claims. Best of Machinery selects only the best as their writers. Their team includes niche-specific experts who have in-depth knowledge about their fields. The platform has Anna Ryan as their editor, who is an expert and has written for a vast number of websites and projects on board. Along with this, Jennifer Howard, Annette Hird, Adrian White, Briana Yablonski, Amanda Shifler, Kimberly Sharpe, and Peter Swifte are the writers that keep the readers up-to-date with the gardening information.

The website was most popular during the pandemic when the entire world was forced to stay inside their houses. The majority of the people found Best of Machinery useful, as it has more than just gardening and tools. Its writers panel is capable of producing content that caters to the need of anything home-related. It also provides reviews and suggestions on tools, equipment, and other household items. With its insightful content, Best of Machinery has motivated many individuals to pay attention to their homes. Moreover, it has provided its readers with opportunities to create a business out of their homes.

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