Meet upcoming sensation in Hindi literature: Poet, writer, lyricist Raj Rathod

He is well known for his impactful poetry that covers a variety of topics as well as genres

Raj was born in a small village in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh, called the heart of India. Raj's father is a teacher and mother is a housewife. Raj, the youngest in the family, also has two sisters and they are both teachers. Being born in an educated family, Raj's tendency was associated with literature from childhood. His full name is Raja Rathod but in literature world he is known as Raj Rathod.

When Raj was studying in 6th standard, he enchanted the present teachers and listeners by reciting some jokes and composed poems in a cultural program of his school. After which he remained the focal point of attraction in every big and small program of the school and subsequently the college.

Raj had many successes in his early days, but he knew that a dream could become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. So he continued the practice which included reading more and more books, understanding them, reading the works of old and new authors, understanding them and researching his craft. Ability to highly think, enough practice and sharp intellect gave Raj's poems and his presentation an unforgettable flourish. This is the reason that all his compositions seem to be following the standards of literature.

Simple language and different accent makes him different and attractive as a poet. That is why he is one of India's most followed poets and his words tend to resonate deep within the conscience of youngsters in India. Using his words, and his skilful writing style, he has indeed made a mark on many impressionable minds in India.

His fresh set of poems and haikus are certainly going to tell a hard hitting story. Raj Rathod has been writing and performing poetry for a while now and he is quite well known in literary circles.

He is well known for his impactful poetry that covers variety of topics as well as genres. The fact that there's always a veiled layer behind the seeming simplicity of his writing makes it more exciting than ever as you never know what you're going to find between the lines.

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