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Redecorating Your Child's Room? Start With The Bed

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Published on: January 25, 2022 | Updated on: January 25, 2022

We have the following easy tips for decorating your child's bed and the space around it

If the bed frame is made of wood, you can paint cute patterns over it using acrylic paint. (Photo by arrangement)

If the bed frame is made of wood, you can paint cute patterns over it using acrylic paint. (Photo by arrangement)

The children’s bedroom is one of the most magical rooms in the house. Your child sleeps, eats and even studies there. They play there with their friends and listen to bedtime stories from you before sleeping. You are thinking of making it a prettier space – it is better to start with the bed and work outward from there.
We have the following easy tips for decorating your child’s bed and the space around it:

Work With The Bed Frame And Headrest

Your child’s bed has a bed frame and probably a headrest, too. Based on their material, you can consider painting over and embellishing them suitably to make the bed an instant highlight. If the bed frame is made of wood, you can paint cute patterns over it using acrylic paint. If the headrest is finished with a fabric like velour or velvet, you can have designs stitched into it to make it more attractive to your child. Indeed, your child can help you paint the bedframe – this becomes a great bonding activity for you.

Get New Bed Linen

One of the simplest ways to make the bed the standout piece of furniture in the room, is to change the bed linen. This is easily done in the children’s room if you buy new bed sheets from premium brands featuring special kids’ collections. These are normally single bedsheets featuring children’s favourite animation or superhero characters. From the Minions to the Avengers, you can get single bedsheets in a variety of prints and colours for your child’s bed. If the bed is a double one that your children share, then double bedsheets or King size bedsheets are best – do measure the mattress for the most suitable size before you place your order.

Help Your Child Sleep Better With A New Comforter

Your child’s night sleep is enhanced when they have a comfortable blanket draped over their bodies. Buy your child a new, plush comforter that settles on their body like a hug, rather than clings to the skin and makes them sweaty. Comforters are best in airconditioned rooms or during cold weather, though some comforters can be used in all weather with equal aplomb. You might consider buying anti-viral or air purifying comforter from a premium bed linen brand – these protect your sleeping child from a variety of diseases from viruses and environmental pollutants.

Decorate The Ceiling Above The Bed With Paint And Stickers

Your child’s imagination is their most powerful ally – they can imagine things and situations that no adult can. Help them weave new stories by painting the ceiling above the bed or decorating it with radium stickers. Ask them what they would like to have the ceiling painted as, and get a professional to do the job if you don’t know how to. Your child will spend many a peaceful night drifting off to bed looking at the ceiling, rather than worry about the monsters under their bed.

Fix A Soothing Night Light Next To The Bed

Some children are mortally afraid of the dark, so much so that they are terrified to get out of bed for a drink of water or even to visit the bathroom. A source of light helps at such times. Install a light with a dimmer switch near their bed that you can either leave on , or they can switch on when needed, so they can feel more comfortable if they are awake in the dark. A soothing night light may even help the child fall asleep since it reduces some of the scary shadows in the room.

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