Enjoy the most thrilling desert safari in the Arabian desert in Dubai

The world’s second-largest desert is a great excursion point for people who want to explore something different from usual urban tourism

Desert safari Dubai is one of the most progressive cities in middle east Asia. Hitech skyscrapers, a few of the biggest malls, lavish hotels are the identity of Dubai. It is also one of the hottest commercial destinations. Many eclectic attractions like Ain Dubai Burj Khalifa make it more appealing for tourists worldwide. But apart from this world-class infrastructure, what makes Dubai a more exciting and ideal destination for globetrotters is an adventurous desert safari Dubai in the luscious Arabian Desert. The world’s second-largest desert is a great excursion point for people who want to explore something different from usual urban tourism.

Tourists who have got the experience of desert safari return to this cosmopolitan city to revisit the same. The desert terrain offers pulsating adventures that you are going to recall repeatedly. These desert adventures are favorites of both one-time adventure-seekers and experienced thrill-seekers. Desert safari is available in different shifts to suit the requirement of the travelers. Each timing encompasses various types of experience to the wanderlusts visiting Dubai with different expectations.

Morning Desert Safari:
Morning safari is for those who want to experience sand bashing in the Arabian Desert but are short on time. This early morning safari gives the glance of the beauty of the desert in morning sun rays. The glory of the desert is at a different level, with golden sun rays making the sand sparkle exuberating immense positive vibes. Dune bashing in 4x4 land cruiser with expert driver thrills each pour of the body of the adventure-seekers. At times it feels that the vehicle would tumble, but that is to add some thrill and adventure to your trip; trained drivers know when and how to control the vehicle.

Evening Desert Safari:
Evening desert safari is for people who want to explore the magic of desert in both sun and moon and rejoice in the Arabian culture and cuisine with a few moments of relaxation at the campsite. The safari that starts in the afternoon and ends in the early night at 9.30 pm also includes dune bashing for a longer duration and stoppage at different points to relax and collect memories in the phones and cameras. After exhilarating sand bashing, tourists enjoy quad biking, sand biking, camel riding at the campsite, followed by celebrated Arabian belly dance by graceful and trained performers who will leave you mesmerized, but the enjoyment doesn’t end here. Matching the finesse of belly dancers, Tanura dancers are there to captivate your imagination. Tanura, a folk dance performed by Sufi men on Sufi music, in a traditional skirt costume, will take you to another world. The performances are clubbed with some mouth-watering barbeque delicacies and refreshing drinks to relax you after a tiring day.

Night Desert Safari:
The next is a night safari for people who are there to witness the beauty of the desert at night. The night spent in the Arabian Desert is no less beautiful than on a hill station or a beach. Although it has its own. Moonlight makes the desert look even more attractive. Dune’s glitter and evening desert safari begin early in the evening with sand bashing for 30 minutes. The caravan of vehicles in the desert in the evening sun rays creates a different euphoria that resonates in your heart for a very long time. When tourists reach the campsite, they see the live example of royal Arabian welcome with dates and refreshing drinks followed by belly dance and Tanura performance in the cool desert breeze. The fire show gives the environment a whole new level of energy. The entire atmosphere is magical. Tourists spent the night at the tents made at the campsite, which are equipped with all necessary arrangements, including mattresses, pillows, and washroom and shower facilities. The coziness of these tents will beat the artificial comfort of any hotel room. The Night Safari is a must recommend for young couples, although it suits every type of traveler. The single traveler may experience a disconnected quality time here while people with family and friends also have full enjoyment.

Popular services providers like Oasis Palm Dubai provide safe, enjoyable, and thrilling Dubai desert safari services. They are ISO certified. They have their Badouin theme camp and trained staff to care for hospitality. They provide pick & drop facility from the hotel. Tour operator tailor-made the safaris as per travelers’ budget and time constraints. Private safaris are available at an additional cost.

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