Everything you need to know about Moissanite

Natural moissanite has existed for over 100 years with the discovery of tiny amounts in meteorites in 1893

Moissanite is a rare mineral originally found in meteorites. However, it has become increasingly popular as an engagement ring gemstone because it closely resembles diamonds. Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr Henri Moissan first discovered this precious stone in 1893. At first, many people thought it was diamond. However, but it did not take long for scientists to identify this new mineral and name it after Moissan.

It is important to note that moissanite does not naturally form in Earth's crust like traditional gemstones such as sapphire, ruby and emerald. To form it, silicon carbide undergoes high heat and extreme pressure at around 1,200 degrees Celsius. Therefore, moissanite is among a small number of minerals that manufacturers form from non-organic materials.

So, what is so special about Moissanite?

Natural moissanite has existed for over 100 years with the discovery of tiny amounts in meteorites in 1893. Today, this gem is still one of the most popular and beautiful diamonds alternatives. It has a gorgeous shine and brilliant appearance. To know more about Moissanite, you probably would want to appreciate the value of diamonds.

In its natural occurrence, moissanite is incredibly rare. Only a few places around the globe produce commercial quantities of it. However, moissanite popularity and demand in the jewelry industry has led to lab-grown solutions. Moissanite composition has helped manufacturers learn what to do to grow it.

How does Moissanite compare to Diamond?

Every moissanite is a unique work of art and has an exclusive look. Manufacturers carefully inspect each stone to ensure quality. Moissanite is beautiful, clear and brilliant with a Mohs scale hardness rating of 9.25. This makes this gemstone harder than a diamond.

All moissanite stones come with a limited lifetime warranty that includes their lifetime replacement of loose stones due to chipping or damage. Moissanite has the following qualities:-

1. Clarity - Moissanite is extremely rare with only 1 in every 25,000 carats being of gem quality. Manufacturers hand-sort these moissanite stones to ensure the finest gemstones possible. Most moissanite jewels are virtually flawless and beautifully cut like diamonds with a high polish, excellent symmetry and proportions.

2. Appearance – With an appearance that is extremely similar to that of a diamond, moissanite jewels are often confused for diamonds. Moissanite gems have much more fire, brilliance and scintillation than is seen in diamonds at a much lower price.

3. Hardness – When compared to diamonds, moissanite stones have a slightly higher hardness, defined as the resistance to scratching. This is true of Moissanite jewels.

4. Moissanite density – For any jeweler, the weighing of stones is an important part of their work. This is one of the ways to determine the value and quality of your stone.

The weight of your moissanite will be similar to that of a diamond. However, it is lighter and weighs approximately 3.21g/cm3. This is lighter when compared to the 3.52g/cm3 of diamond.

5. Price – moissanite is more affordable than a diamond. That is why it is a great substitute for diamond-made jewelry.

Moissanite creation Process

Naturally occurring moissanite is hard to find. There are not many places to get this precious gemstone. However, the possibility of growing it in the laboratory brought a sigh of relief. Therefore, you can grow moissanite in the lab under intense heat and pressure.

Moissanite is created in a laboratory by heating silica and carbon to approximately 1400-2000 degrees Celsius. At this point, the silicon atoms will begin to arrange themselves into 6-sided crystals. This happens through crystal growing, or synthetic gemstones formation within a laboratory.

The moissanite manufacturing process provides high-quality moissanite without flaws. Through years of tests and trials, this has become a huge possibility. Manufacturers ensure that they do everything based on research. That is the only way to make the best quality gems. Ultimately, they can create an exclusive line of exquisite fine jewelry using only top of the range stones.

Moissanite is an interesting gemstone. This is more especially because of its striking features and characteristics comparable to diamond. After Dr Moissan discovered it, a lot of interest grew around it. To meet the ever-growing demand for moissanite in the jewelry industry, research into it began. The discovery of the silicon carbide composition of moissanite was a great development availing this stone to jewelry lovers.

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