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Best Apps for Financists That Will Became Hot in 2021

Published Nov 24, 2020, 7:57 pm IST
Updated Nov 24, 2020, 7:57 pm IST
With powerful smartphone apps, money management is a breeze
Mobile systems allow users to create budgets and make a profit on the go.
 Mobile systems allow users to create budgets and make a profit on the go.

With powerful smartphone apps, money management is a breeze. Mobile systems allow users to create budgets and make a profit on the go. Discover six apps that will be all the rage in 2021.

 Personal Budgeting: YNAB


You Need a Budget is a great app if you want to control how your money moves. Unlike other budgeting systems, it is focused on what you have now, rather than forecasted income. In addition, it does not force you to link bank accounts - you may enter transactions manually. Some users worry about the security of data shared with third-party apps, so this is a valuable option.

Those who do add their accounts may assign goals for them. For instance, if you have a credit card, you could set a deadline for paying off the balance or factor it in when budgeting. Goals are what this app is built on. It is designed to give every dollar a purpose. If there are leftovers once you have finished with assigning, these may go towards your vacation, emergency funds, retirement, or investment. The trial period lasts 34 days.


 Planning for Retirement: Personal Capital

Personal Capital is more than a budgeting app. It allows you to monitor investments and keep track of your retirement goals. This app is free, and it is definitely worthy of a download.

Planning for retirement may sound dull, but it is imperative for any money-conscious individual. When users register, they are asked for basic related information, like their age, the desired age of retiring, the size of current savings and investment.

The app links to your checking, investment, or savings accounts. The system produces an overview of all money flows, and the charts it creates allow easy tracking of expenses. You see where your money is going at any given moment, and whether you are on track with regard to retirement goals.


 Trading Online: FXTM Trader app

This powerful proprietary app allows clients of Forextime to access over 250 financial instruments. They can monitor the market at a glance and make profitable decisions in a range of markets. The globally regulated broker gives access to major, minor, and exotic currency pairs, spot metals, CFDs, and more. A single app satisfies all trading needs, and it may also synchronize with desktop platforms.

In India today, Forex is booming, and mobile access maximizes convenience. Through the FXTM Forex trading app that is available for traders, they earn money wherever they are. They have instant access to real market data. This includes the latest news and a wide range of technical indicators for analysis. Users monetize knowledge of financial markets and their ability to foresee trends. This year, after coronavirus lockdowns, such remote methods of money-making are essential.


Access Stocks: Robinhood

This investment app is all the rage with millennials. it allows the common folk to access the global stock market. Users can buy and sell stocks, ETFs, and options without commission. It is an ideal solution for newbie investors who want to start small and for experts who want unlimited mobile access.

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android. Stock traders have instant access to all necessary data, including news, real-time quotes, corporate earnings reports, and analytical tools. Fractional shares and cryptocurrencies are also accessible. Unfortunately, Robinhood is not yet available in India.


Earn a Little Extra: Frapp and Survey Junkie

This app provides users with any level of experience to earn money by completing tasks. The system provides them with missions they can complete for money. It suggests missions with different pay. In general, this ranges between 5 and 150 rupees.

The tasks may include the promotion of videos on YouTube, collecting likes from friends, posting promotional content on a personal social media page, registering via a link, etc. Upon completion, you need to provide a screenshot as proof. All missions come with clear instructions, and payments are debited to personal frap wallets. Users may transfer their earnings to an Amazon voucher or a Paytm wallet.


Survey Junkie was designed for people who want to be paid for completing surveys online. The size of earnings depends on the time you spend on the app and the surveys you are given. Few of the tasks are time-consuming, though. Some of them pay up to $50. Today, this is one of the best survey apps on the market.

Apps That Help With Finance

As you can see, an app may help you to earn and manage your money on the go. From extra cash to high-volume trading to retirement planning, the range of goals is wide. Turn your smartphone into a money-making machine and grow your wealth in a modern way!