Ramesh Chaurasia enlightens about technological sustainable innovation

Chaurasia believes that if leading personalities, business and industrialists can play their part, the world will follow them with a doubt

Ramesh Chaurasia is an entrepreneur constantly working for the betterment of the community and make their life easier. He makes sure that whatever he does, not just benefits mankind but also a perquisite for the environment. Therefore, ever since sustainable development goals (SDG) by the United Nations have come into the picture, Mr. Chaurasia has always been on his toes to do something productive for the world that helps us achieve SDG by 2030.

He quoted, “We can’t ignore the fact that Earth’s climate is changing rapidly due to exploitation of natural resources, increase in carbon emission, air, water and soil pollution, etc. If we fail to take strict action against these, we may have to face severe water scarcity, acid rains, scanty or no rainfall at all, no greenery causing major loss to the future generations.”

But Mr. Chaurasia also believes that if leading personalities, business and industrialists can play their part, the world will follow them with a doubt. For the same reason, he encourages the superiors to adapt themselves technologically based on sustainable innovation which will transform the world.

“If industries can reduce their carbon footprint by adhering to waste management, switch to LED lights for energy consumption, they can immediately start saving as per the current energy prices. Similarly, if world can accord themselves by shifting to electronic vehicles available in the market as well as private use like buses, autos, cars, rickshaws, commercial or heavy-duty trucks, etc.” suggests the visionary entrepreneur.

Furthermore, Mr. Chaurasia explains the way unelectrified population of the sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean are exploring renewable solutions like solar energy to bring energy quickly and inexpensively to millions. Some allied practices can be used as a method to be installed in the infrastructures to yield similar results in the industries on a large scale. He adds, “In order to witness drastic changes, one must understand the need of the hour that is such technological sustainable innovations must be utilized in other infrastructures as well like hospitals, airports, highways, subways, water utilities, power and communication grids.”

The idealist also suggests solutions that can be installed in the infrastructures across the globe such as energy management system controlled by the internet of things (IoT) to reduce energy use in buildings, Integration of photovoltaic materials, modern constructions to cut down time and excess materials. In addition, he comes up with similar solutions for agriculture practices like artificial intelligence (AI) based watering system and farming techniques without soil such as hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics.

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