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The sensational youtube star Paras Thakral is amongst the biggest names of Internet celebrities today

The sensational youtube star Paras Thakral is amongst the biggest names of Internet celebrities today. At present when everyone watches his lavish video they assume that he must've always been like this, Rich and successful. But most people never think of the struggle and difficulties that he must've gone through to get here. What today all seem shiny and perfect, the life of Paras was once just like everybody else's life. Which had all sorts of problems which every youngsters go through such as career and future.

Before becoming the internet sensation Paras Thakral also did ordinary jobs. He was a salesman in Vivo Mobile company. Obviously it was out of his interest and so it resulted in him leaving the job after a while. Having nothing to do and being so confused and frustrated about his future he took a decision that completely changed his life. As a fitness freak himself he had good knowledge about fitness so he started his first YouTube with his name and created videos about fitness and health. After the initial phase his channel stopped growing and gaining views. This demotivated and saddened Paras for a while but he had made his mind that he will make this work anyhow.

Paras Thakral was all in for his passion of becoming a successful YouTuber. He improvised and changed his content a bit and started making funny videos which worked like magic. This gave immense growth to his channel. Meanwhile he found his lady love Sneha Suchdeva and then also started a Vlog channel. From then on there was no looking back for Paras. His videos would go on to get viral and feature on trending pages. And after years of hardwork and dedication towards his work and channel he is now one of the biggest Youtube Vloggers and Fitness Influencers. The Youtube star shares his journey and lifestyle regularly on his channel through his Vlogs and also creates entertaining and light hearted funny videos which are amongst the best on the internet. Paras Thakral's journey from normal confused youngster to one of the most successful Youtubers is truly amongst the most inspiring stories of our time.

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