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Teamology's Gulrez Alam Inspires With His Never-Say-Die Attitude In Face Of Failure

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Published on: December 23, 2020 | Updated on: December 23, 2020

It was the struggle of a different kind that inspired Gulrez Alam to launch Teamology in August 2020

It was the struggle of a different kind that inspired Gulrez Alam to launch Teamology in August 2020.

It was the struggle of a different kind that inspired Gulrez Alam to launch Teamology in August 2020.

As much as it hurts, failure is often necessary for a person to find his destined direction in life and no one epitomizes this belief more than young Gulrez Alam, Founder & Director of Teamology Softech and Media Services Pvt. Ltd. The start-up, launched in August 2020, offers services related to digital marketing and PR, with the mission to make the service affordable for MSEs as well as social media influencers. After facing failure at the start of his career, Gulrez is today not only a successful entrepreneur but also a mentor to other youngsters like him, who are looking for a direction in their lives.

The Beginning

It may be surprising to know that Gulrez Alam was never interested in studies, and used to be a backbencher in school & college. In fact, in his own words, "My relatives used to tell my parents that he is not going to achieve anything in life." Over time, Gulrez realized that he couldn’t go on like this and decided to focus on his career. Since his family background was such that nobody worked 9-to-5, either in the private or government sector, he took a different path by picking BBA after completing his class 12th studies. But he still had a couple of roadblocks to cover. After studying for BBA for about a year, he went to his mother and said he didn’t want to continue further. Naturally, things were difficult at home, with his family refusing to support him in this decision. Nevertheless, Gulrez was clear that he wanted a career for himself through self-learning and not spoon-feeding. So, his family wanted him to pursue a career in accounts or management, which was the trend those days in Kolkata, where he lived. However, it was his mother who identified his dilemma and handed over her savings to him to pursue a BCA course in Hyderabad with the help of some friends.

More Hurdles Await

Once Gulrez identified his direction in life, which was graduating from a BCA course, he set about learning with gusto. Eventually, he ended up earning a Master’s in Computer Application as well. He also went on to earn a certification in Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and Digital Sales later on. Unfortunately, he had to stay jobless for about a year after completing his studies. After a short bout of failure, he got in touch with a friend, Anuj, and bagged an internship as a software developer in a Delhi-based company, at a monthly stipend of Rs 2500. This internship went on for six months, after which he finally got a full-time job and since then, he has never turned back.

Right On Track

Buoyed by his successful stint with multiple IT companies, Gulrez became interested in digital marketing. That changed the course of his life as he left his job to earn in-depth knowledge of the Internet for free resources. Around this time, he rekindled his friendship with Md. Badshah Ansari, who belongs to a small town in Bihar and had started working in digital marketing at the age of 16. Badshah also made Internet his Guru for digital marketing and has never looked back. Together, both the young men booked a domain,, and launched a website of this name. The website was meant to provide the interested candidates "accurate and authentic information" regarding various job openings in the government sector specifically. The amount of awareness created by this website among young people about government job prospects was no less than social service on part of Gulrez and his team. Talking about the motive behind, Gulrez says, "During my jobless days, I used to search for a website where I can get all the information about ‘Sarkari Naukri’, but unfortunately, there was no such website to help me. Around that time, I began to toy with the idea of launching such a website myself, and together with Badshah, I eventually ended here."

It was the struggle of a different kind that inspired Gulrez Alam to launch Teamology in August 2020. Currently located in Kolkata, the company is connected with clients globally. The USP of Teamology is that it provides affordable digital marketing and PR for medium and small enterprises. Speaking about his mission, the young Founder-Director says, "My mission is to make digital marketing and PR affordable for SMEs and social media influencers, who really cannot afford a large sum of money to be spent on best PR service. I would like to expand my business into different parts of India and digital presence in neighboring countries." Teamology is also looking for funding in the future, to grow further. With the pandemic situation, every industry is moving towards the digital medium, be it education or groceries. And Gulrez predicts, "It is the right time to convert traditional marketing methods and manual PR to its digital avatar."

At the end of it, Gulrez is of the view that one needs to believe in oneself and give his 100% in terms of hard work. He says, "There will be hurdles and challenges but never give up, and don’t make any plan B because it will kill your plan A swiftly."

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