Embracing a new dawn for education at CV Raman Global University

The University is situated off-limits to the main populous area of the city which reduces its chances of turning into a COVID 19 hotspot

The COVID 19 pandemic was a storm that threw the entire world off of its track. While other disease outbreaks and epidemics were usually contained by countries’ administration, the COVID 19 pandemic is one of the most serious diseases to ever hit the world on a large scale. While diseases usually affect the health and mortality of a country, the pandemic not only affected the health of global communities but put forth a new array of challenges by forcing the world to find normalcy amid the new social distancing rules that the COVID 19 disease brought with it.

Human society depends on the essentiality of touch and personal interactions in every sphere. The pandemic robbed the society of precisely that aspect of human interactions. Whether it's retail, healthcare, social commitments, or education, personal interactions play an important role in the successful imparting of these crucial services.

The education sector has especially struggled over the last few months to stay functional and relevant in midst of the mayhem caused by the pandemic. While the lecture rooms have shifted to an online space to accommodate the learning ambitions of the new students, indeed, an online space cannot be the ideal environment for the students all the time. It is the undercurrent of a humane disposition that creates trust between the teacher and student which is important for the right learning approach. The online space can seldom recreate the environment a classroom setting creates to be conducive to learning and retention of knowledge. Virtual classrooms can be short term fixes for the world of education while it battles with COVID 19, but it cannot replace the temples of education- the classrooms.

Recognizing the need to open schools and colleges for the students and the smooth resumption of learning, CV Raman Global University is reinforcing its defenses against the virus by taking the necessary precautions and maintaining an advanced level of hygiene so that its students enter a virus-free bubble which is ideal for worry-free education.

The University is situated off-limits to the main populous area of the city which reduces its chances of turning into a COVID 19 hotspot. Along with the locational advantages, the University also has tightened its security by only letting visitors with prior permissions inside. This further checks the entry of unwanted and possibly infected people into the campus. The security personnel of the university come equipped with sanitizers and thermal temperature scanners that screen healthy individuals before entering the campus. The people on campus adhere strictly to social distancing measures and at all times wear a mask to keep themselves and those around them safe from the virus.

The campus is sanitized two to three times every week and there are proper hand wash stations and sanitizing equipment placed around the campus. The dining halls and public areas of the campus are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized twice to thrice every day by the trained non-teaching staff of the university. The canteen also adopts the highest level of hygiene and food safety while preparing and serving meals. The professors stick to the rules of social distancing even in their leisure time.

With all these measures in place, the campus of CV Raman Global University is all set to be a virus-free environment that has embraced the new norms of a pandemic that struck the world. The University looks forward to opening its doors for its students who deserve the best education no matter what the situation at hand is.

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