ICCRC department Canada Penalised unlicensed Consultants of India

Hiring a fraud immigration consultant can be a nightmare for an aspirant and thousands of cases are still pending

How to find if your immigration consultant is penalised or unlicensed or a fraud Immigration consultant?

Thousands of Indians migrate to Canada every year and more than that people actually are victimised by frauds only in India. To give a right piece of knowledge can save the public at large from happening fraud with them and also can help to choose a right Immigration Consultant.

ICCRC department Canada also takes cognizance under such matters and strictly implies their policies in the public interest. There are a lot of Immigration Consultants who have been reprimanded or penalised by the ICCRC department. Today we will discuss why the ICCRC department penalised such consultants and what are the repercussions if you choose a wrong immigration consultant for your Immigration journey. This will help readers to understand a few things about which laymen have no knowledge of it.

Hiring a fraud immigration consultant can be a nightmare for an aspirant and thousands of cases are still pending in the courts of India for such matters. Choosing a wrong immigration consultant can ruin the dreams of innocent people, can give financial loss, career loss and people may sell their properties in some cases. Our objective of this article is to raise awareness in the public at large.

Which immigration Consultants in India were penalised by the ICCRC department Canada and why ?

There are thousands of immigration agents and consultants located around the world and a few consultants were strictly penalised by the ICCRC department in past years. There are a total of 44 consultants reported to be trialed by the department as per their website.

Indian companies who were trialed by ICCRC department and were penalised.

1. Abhinav Outsourcings / Abhinav Immigration services pvt ltd from New Delhi was penalised by ICCRC department in the year November 2016.

2. Abhinav immigration claimed to be associated with ICCRC member Yvon guerin mentioned in the list of ICCRC member but was later found to be an unlicensed/ illegal Immigration consultant as per the agreement of facts.

3. Agreement of facts in that published article were serious in nature .i.e The immigration consultant, Mr. Ajay Sharma (“Sharma”) of Abhinav Outsourcings PVT Ltd. (“Abhinav”) is an unlicensed consultant carrying on business in New Delhi, India.

4. ICCRC department penalised this ICCRC member and also published that for public interest which proved that the department is strict with their policy and if any consultants are doing fraud business or unlicensed business in their country will not be spared.

A few other ICCRC members were also penalised in the past and a few Indian names on the ICCRC website are Harinder Kaur Kang, Kuldeep Bansal and Rajesh Randev, Sumit Sen and Sharandeep Singh Mann.

What are the repercussions of hiring a fraud Immigration consultant ?

  1. Waste of time
  2. Financial loss
  3. Legal complications/ Police/Court trial cases etc.
  4. Demotivation in life
  5. Stress / Visa Rejections
  6. Trust issues while choosing a right immigration Consultant.

How to choose the right immigration consultant?

  1. Must be a registered and licensed consultant
  2. No previous criminal record or penalised record
  3. Must do a legal agreement
  4. Must be true and transparent
  5. Must give a clear information
  6. Must charge you reasonably.

Migrating to a foreign country involves a lot of delicate and layered paperwork. Aspiring immigrants face a lot of queries and dilemmas when dealing with the application process. This is where having an experienced and certified guidance of an immigration consultant comes to your rescue. Having to choose an immigration consultant is going to be one of the most important decisions in your Canada immigration journey.

The first thing that you should check as an immigration applicant is the authenticity of the choice of your immigration consultancy. Your Immigration consultant should be ICCRC registered and the agents should be licenced, experienced and qualified professionals. A highly neglected part in settling for an immigration consultant is to look for background checks of the consultancy. The practicing consultant should be free of any past record of fraudulency and penalisation.

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