Guradesh Mann opens up about how he got the idea of launching GM STRENGTH SERIES

The lockdown created a lot of hurdles for everyone and for a fitness enthusiast and contest prep coach

Guradesh Mann is a fitness enthusiast and a prominent name in the health and fitness industry, he hails from Chandigarh and has been inclined towards fitness ever since he was in high school.

The lockdown created a lot of hurdles for everyone and for a fitness enthusiast and contest prep coach, the inavailability of proper equipment was one of the biggest concerns.

Talking about how he solved the issue, Guradesh shares, When this pandemic started, I thought of getting some exercise equipments in the form of some dbs & plates so that I could continue my own training at home. I was lucky enough to arrange everything just before the lockdown started.

In the meantime, I decided to setup my home gym & looked for multipurpose machines which could provide the most functions while taking up least amount of space. I ended up finding some good options but I had one problem, the ceiling of the room in which I planned to setup my gym was low & none of the selections would fit in it. So I did some research & decided to design a machine for myself which would fit in that room, along with being versatile.”

Talking further about the inception of the GM Strength Series, he continues, “I got my inspiration from various different models & came up with the design which I thought would suit my needs thr best. In the process, I developed an interest in designing machines & thought maybe other people could benefit from my ideas. I decided to launch few products which would solve the purpose of setting up a home gym in these hard times. Thus the GM Strength Series was born, the main motive was to make equipments which had the most amount of functions & took the least amount of space. The GM MULTIFUNCTIONAL POWER CAGE is a hot product which is in high demand at the moment. After the first installation I got over 700 inquiries in 1 day. As the brand has become an instant success I am planning to launch more products in the future”

Mann is a MNU Certified Nutritionist & has a Bachelors degree in Physiotherapy after which he did a Diploma in Modern Orthopaedic Medicine. Recently, He also established his own online certification course for fitness trainers & nutritionist by the name of Elite Coaches & Nutrition Academy.

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