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Content Writing Services: A necessity for start-ups, enterprises, and MNCs

Published Dec 22, 2020, 8:58 pm IST
Updated Dec 22, 2020, 8:59 pm IST
A well-written content piece that has been SEO optimized by experts builds awareness of the company’s brand.
 A well-written content piece that has been SEO optimized by experts builds awareness of the company’s brand.

Regardless of the size of the company, every brand needs to interact with its audience. This can be done by posting a blog, curating a short video, or at the best, developing a user-friendly and innovative website. Content plays a massive role in the success of these strategies. It includes everything and anything that can be used to interact with the audience. From SEO optimized blog posts to intriguing copywriting, everything is content. How a company establishes a digital presence completely depends on the content that it puts forward to the potential customers.

Many underplay the importance of content when putting their business online. The result? They fail to create a relationship with the consumers and keep them engaged with the business’ products and services.

A well-written content piece that has been SEO optimized by experts builds awareness of the company’s brand. Depending on the product or business, there are several forms of content writing services that market the product to the correct audience in the most profitable way.

Why Get Professional Help for Content Creation?

Many companies believe that content is just an engaging piece of writing but when done right, it can offer a plethora of benefits-

  Effective Marketing

Informative, engaging, and appealing blogs and content attract potential leads and convert them to loyal customers. With SEO-rich content, a company can make sure to drive more visitors to its website with little to no hassle.

Better Content

Professional content writing services offer error-free and quality content that creates an impressive brand image.

 Save Time

Creating content is not an easy task, but by assigning content creation to experts, companies decrease their workload while getting quality rich quantity.

Different Types of Content

There are hundreds of content writing services that a company can choose to market their brand. These have been broadly segregated into the following niches.

Blogs and SEO Content

Blogs are as old as the internet itself. These are informative and targeted pieces of information that are based on a topic. They use simple and engaging language that is easy to read and understand. Blogs are used by brands to build authority and trust with their audience by introducing insights into the company and the various niches.

Blogs still hold the upper hand when it comes to content writing as they are easily discovered by search engines and showcase the expertise of the brand.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is the form of writing in which complex, highly specific ideas are presented in an easily understandable language. The writing is kept interesting and free of excessive technical jargon that may confuse the reader.

Technical writing needs exceptional creativity as one does not just need to be technically correct but also be engaging and presentable.

Social Media Writing

Companies can approach the largest pool of audiences through social media and its influencers. Social media writing includes advertisements regarding the products and services that are relatable to the audience. The content uses infographics and visuals rather than words to attract the attention of people and convey the point across efficiently.

 News, Journalistic, and Press Release Writing

When a new product or service is launched, a company can bring it under the spotlight by creating a piece of news writing. The content focuses on the five Ws, including who, what, when, where, and why. Such content is best for businesses who want to promote their services more professionally.

 Website Content

A website is not just about unique and attractive website designs. It also includes content that helps the business interact and communicate with its audience. Websites require informative content that holds the attention of the visitor while convincing them to purchase a product or avail of the services.

Additionally, a company’s website establishes the aim and creates an impression on the consumer.

Hiring a content writing company, such as Content-Whale, helps businesses advance and upgrade their brand exponentially with minimal effort and costs. Not only do they have experienced content writers that specialize in more than 40 verticals, but they also provide crisp and smooth delivery of content that meets the needs to the T.

“Content creation and communication go hand in hand,” remarks Pavithra Parthasarathi, the Growth Manager at Content-Whale, “We require proper communication to address your requirements for effective content creation and enterprises need proper content to effectively communicate with their audience.”

Niches in content writing services are as diverse as there are types of businesses. The more effective the content is, the better will be the growth of the brand. Having a strong online presence is just as necessary as providing quality products and no one understands this better than content writing companies. With creative and SEO content, a company can get more traffic on its website and in turn, more salesn


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