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Inventagon pushing the limits of biotechnology in the health industry

Published Oct 22, 2021, 8:40 pm IST
Updated Oct 22, 2021, 8:40 pm IST
Inventagon's vision is to fashion swift solutions in biotech and make samples that help the world of health workers and patients
Jensen has been working relentlessly since the age of 16 for countless hours to receive his first patent and now has multiple patents under his name. — By arrangement
 Jensen has been working relentlessly since the age of 16 for countless hours to receive his first patent and now has multiple patents under his name. — By arrangement

Being a medical practitioner is a noble profession, and many individuals have adopted it to serve humanity. Individuals who opt to serve others and constantly improve the health industry are selfless. Jarl Jensen is one such individual who has carved the way for biotechnology and innovated it with his state-of-the-art solutions. In 2009, Jenson founded Inventagon, which focuses on creating new approaches by fusing biology and technology to improve the health industry. Inventagon focuses on entrepreneurs who want to enter the health industry by improving the techniques that physicians and patients apply when they are in the hospital. Inventagon aims to find substitutes for tasks that require manual labor and save a health worker's time and energy to focus on bigger tasks.

Jensen has been working relentlessly since the age of 16 for countless hours to receive his first patent and now has multiple patents under his name. Inventagon works in computerized designs, invention, rapid prototyping, 3D modeling and printing, printed circuit board design, embedded software engineering, microprocessor programming, ISO9000 design regulations, FDA Design Control, medical adhesive design, advanced metabolic device design, manufacturing, marketing, sales amongst others.


Bringing innovation to the table

When people practice determination to be tough, they are highly likely to perpetrate a change that accentuates routines and everyday tasks. Inventagon endorses and promotes entrepreneurs who have made resolutions to bring developments to society at large. There are restricted aspects of life yet can be attained with courage and persistence at a person's own speed. Jensen knows the challenges that startups have to endure and believes in upcoming entrepreneurs to devise and fashion modern solutions. Since the first few months are rough, Jensen believes in looking after the entrepreneurs and create opportunities to formulate and discover their potential.


There is substantial transformation introduced in the environment when a person works to assist others, and Jensen has done that impeccably. Inventagon concentrates on enhancing the tools and technologies used in diagnosing illnesses and devising treatments in hospitals and health centers. Inventagon works on uplifting the people and making way for suitable approaches to bring comfort in their life. In 2012, Inventagon was honored with the 'Medical Device Design Award' by MD&M, which states how Inventagon used its capacity to divulge in novelty and devotion to produce excellent results.


When announcing a biotechnical product or service, Inventagon supports the entrepreneurs and assists them in developing the idea, executing the strategies, and launching it in the marketplace. Inventagon helps entrepreneurs reach their potential and make the most out of their hard work, from selling to advertising. Inventagon aims to highlight those who want to execute tangible ideas that assist health workers and patients alike. When people choose to help others, they are likely to initiate a united stance in the environment that enables development and better-quality public health.


Helping entrepreneurs find their calling

Inventagon has been helping entrepreneurs envision and give answers to everyday challenges faced by health workers. By visualizing and allowing dreams to turn into reality, there is sufficient progress and new prospects to excel. Inventagon has been encouraging and pushing a lot of people to begin their journey in entrepreneurship. As looking for people who will invest can get draining after a while, Inventagon has faith in letting entrepreneurs execute the initial prospect and let all additional responsibilities be looked after later with comfort.


Inventagon's vision is to fashion swift solutions in biotech and make samples that help the world of health workers and patients. Inventagon is at work every day by providing comfort to medical practitioners, looking for ways to be hands-on and positive. Jensen is familiar with the challenges and adversities health workers have to go through. Inventagon has formed prototypes of advanced wound care, orthodontics, cosmetics, advanced probiotics, advanced life extension, advanced chronic disease prevention, and others to save time and effort.


With the COVID-19 deeply distressing the healthcare sector, it is time to be concerned, kind, and recognize the challenges medical practitioners face. Health workers have been working with all their might to serve the public and carry out their responsibilities diligently. Deprived of personal time, physicians, nurses, and medical technicians have been strong and worked tirelessly to give their services to humankind. When there is an opportunity that one can assist others, it should be maximized fully. A person will affect the environment positively by supporting others and prompt a drive for enhanced health amongst individuals.


Pushing the limits

Inventagon trusts in the motto of 'Innovate. Patent. Prosper' and each term covers all the facilities that Inventagon provides. It asks entrepreneurs to invent, patent their product or service and succeed and thrive as it grows. Inventagon has set itself as a dependable organization that allows talented workforces a platform to innovate and be experts. The team at Inventagon has progressed intelligently and worked for humanity with their determination and abilities. Inventagon has wide-ranging financial support, allowing entrepreneurs and budding businesspeople to polish their skills and do their best to be inventive.


Inventagon has efficiently employed people who show potential and pick those who have a lot to give and can succeed in the biotech industry. Inventagon has been fashioning a movement in the biotech industry with its creative designs, eccentric concepts, and establishing relations with specialists. When people unify and choose to transform their environment, they are inclined to support others to be encouraged and driven. There might be limitations and challenges, yet there is a chance of victory when an individual decides to revolutionize. Jensen with Inventagon has begun a societal alteration and permitted others to feel enlightened and creative. The world is vulnerable in the current moment, yet with persistency and commitment to change, individuals can achieve more than they give themselves credit for. Inventagon has been a pioneer in bringing forward solutions to challenges and aims to sustain its swiftness.


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