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In Focus 22 Jun 2020 How Do You Choose th ...

How Do You Choose the Best Psychic Reader?

Published Jun 22, 2020, 6:31 pm IST
Updated Jun 22, 2020, 6:31 pm IST
There was once a time where going to a psychic for advice was seen as taboo
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Tips for Finding the Right Psychic Reader in a Flooded Market, Psychics have been a part of the landscape throughout history.

In ancient times, kings and other royal individuals sought the help of psychics even though they called them by different names.


Seers, soothsayers, and mediums have been common terms for those sensitive to the psychic energy that surrounds us. Today, psychic entities can be seen in magazine ads, television ads, and throughout the internet, but how do you know who is the best one.

Truth be told, you can spend countless hours going to each one, or you can take these tips to help you find the best psychic reader.

Ask Around

There was once a time where going to a psychic for advice was seen as taboo. However, in today’s world, with so many questions surrounding day to day living, psychics are seeing a resurgence in new clients. No longer are these individuals surrounded by negative connotations and those that have seen psychics in the past are happy to talk about their experiences.


Asking around to friends and family is among the best way to find your ideal psychic reader. You will find that many of the people closest to you likely visit their psychic on a regular basis, so take advice from those who have avidly sought help from a psychic.

Know What You Are Looking For

Like all people, psychics have their strengths and weaknesses. Not all are exactly the same and it pays to understand what you want in your chosen psychic. Your psychic might be clairvoyant, be able to channel spirits, perform an aura reading, or a myriad of other psychic attributes.


Before settling on a psychic, understand your needs and how that person may help you connect with your future, past, and present ideally. The possibilities are endless with the variety of psychics available these days, so think carefully about the spiritual reader you choose.

Read Reviews

Like all businesses these days, psychics can be reviewed. As online reviews have become a highly credible source of information these days, it pays to check out a psychic’s online reviews before scheduling a reading. Be careful on certain review sites and keep in mind that just because a psychic may have one or two bad reviews does not mean they are not good at what they do.


Negative reviews can be an indicator or a bad psychic if they are abundantly available, but more often than not, a few bad reviews are just from angry customers not happy with the information received from their psychic.

There are also plenty of online trolls that never went to the individual, but are simply out to mar their reputation for the sake of being mean, so keep that in mind as well.

Check Their Social Media

Finding the best psychic does not mean you have to try out each one, but simply be crafty in how you interview them. Social media sites are the way most psychic advertise and reach out to clients these days and just like any other social media site, it will tell you a lot about the individual.


The psychic will have much more than just there, about information available through past posts, videos, and even live sessions with real clients. Take your time to research by combing through their past posts and discover a little more about how that particular psychic works.

Watch Out for Outlandish Promises

True psychics believe in their abilities and do not have to promise their clients the world in order to make a living. It is not about money with a true psychic and you will not feel bullied into having a session with them. An ethical psychic steers clear of unmitigated promises in order to get clients to commit to a session.


A positive psychic will, instead, guide a client through a reading with kindness and understanding always allowing the client to remain in control of the reading and never delving into areas in which the client may feel uncomfortable or frightened.

Remember They Are Regular People

One of the most important things to remember when choosing your psychic is to keep in mind that they are regular people trying to make a living like everyone else.

The television versions of psychics depicted in gypsy vardos wearing gobs of makeup and talking with outrageous accents is simply false. Most psychics are simply very intuitive individuals that see the world in a different way.


They have found a way to connect to the spiritual world and they use that gift to help others. When you have chosen your ideal psychic, ensure the two of you understand what each party wants from the session.

Make your desires clear and listen to the psychic when they explain what they can do for you. Communication is key in having an excellent session with a psychic.