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In Focus 22 May 2020 Fashion influencer P ...

Fashion influencer Puneet Tyagi talks about his struggle and journey to success

Published May 22, 2020, 4:54 pm IST
Updated May 22, 2020, 4:54 pm IST
Meet Puneet Tyagi, the 26-year-old model and fashion influencer
Puneet Tyagi
 Puneet Tyagi

Fashion and trends have always been common points of discussion, however last decade can can be dedicated to men's fashion as they have been able to shift the focus majorly which was only their on women's fashion and trends. And this shift can be attributed to men's fashion models and influencers. Although there are many young men out there who are either professional model or influencer but rarely are both. Meet Puneet Tyagi, 26, who is a model and fashion influencer. Puneet is extremely occupied carrying both the professions with equal dedication. We caught up with him from his hectic schedule and asked him about his struggle and journey and also his future plans

Tell us about your journey of becoming a model and then fashion influencer


Inclination towards fashion was always there, but  I took modeling seriously after entering into college. I was part of college fashion team. My height n physique always helped me naturally to become a model, but I really work hard to be fit and have a healthy and active lifestyle. From college fashion shows I got noticed and designers and brands started approaching me for Modelling and ramp shows. I have been associated with many renowned designers and brands like Honda amaze, Amazon , Flipkart, Bombay shaving company, Images bazar , Volvo , Bharat & Reshma designers, Gargee designers etc  and have been covered by page 3 , HT city and zoom TV multiple times .After 3-4 years of professional modelling the thought struck that I should share my knowledge and expertise with people who admire and love my work so I started to share it through Instagram and then my blog fashionwithpuneet.com.
Was it a smooth transition or is it difficult being a men's fashion influencer?
Well I wouldn’t say it is easy, initially it is difficult to get noticed, and logistically as well, as you have to plan and arrange everything by yourself. I was lucky to have a good network of friends who supported, like for clicking professional photographs you need a good cameraman/photographer then there the apt location,. Every small detail has to be taken care of to put in an impressive content on social media. You have to have backup funds to support and establish yourself initially. It is a thankless job but if you are convinced that this is what you want to do whole-heartedly eventually things work out.

Tell us about your work so far, and how do you zero-in on which brand to work with?

So far I have worked for more than 50 brands. My niche is mainly into men's fitness and grooming. I prefer working with brands with high level of authenticity, whether small or big brand it doesn’t matter but quality of the product it’s genuineness is extremely important. As people trust what we endorse, and if I am not convinced about something how can I suggest it to others.

Recently you ventured into YouTube as well, what are your future plans?

Yes recently I started my YouTube channel as I don’t want to restrict my knowledge to 1 or 2 platforms. Moreover YouTube has wider audience and it gives you flexibility of time and content. You can share Your knowledge much more effectively. Right now I am focusing on all three platforms. Much more interesting content is on the pipeline on YouTube.