No matter what the genre is the ShowStoppers understand it and share the message of that music

We spend countless hours listening to music. Whatever our mood is, we fall back on music to complement it. We launch our music app, put in our earphones and we're transported to another world.

But the ability to have music at our fingertips is a very recent thing when compared to how long the history of music is.

Humans have always made music, before us our ancestors would gather around and share songs. They all would go to different worlds together.

In comparison, our journey feels lonely. But despair not, you still can enjoy music with others. Live performances still live on, courtesy of people like the ShowStoppers.

ShowStoppers the band love to share the magic of live music. To gather around music lovers and travel stories and worlds through music.

No matter what the genre is the ShowStoppers understand it and share the message of that music.

The ShowStoppers has two lead singers Ragini Goswami and Rao Gaurav who effortlessly weave an enjoyable ambience with their mesmerising voices.

To complement these amazing vocalists the ShowStoppers have DJ Abhi, sound engineer Dinesh, percussionist Tarun and dhol player Rinku.

DJ Abhi is a wizard when it comes to making mixes that would lift up the crowd's mood. He is an experienced professional who has played many international shows in countries like UAE, Thailand, Indonesia.

Speaking of international artists, Rinku the dhol player too has played international shows. He and DJ Abhi have worked with big names in the Punjabi music industry.

Sound engineer Dinesh looks after the mammoth task of mixing, reproducing, designing and controlling the music for the ShowStoppers. Thanks to his expertise, Dinesh easily looks after everything and everyone ends up having a good time.

Tarun Raj, the percussionist has 5 long years of experience - yet he plays with such excitement that you would think it's his first day but the way he plays, you'd wonder if he has been doing it all his life.

The ShowStoppers play at many events and wherever they play they make a connection with everyone present and they all enjoy the magic of live music.

Disclaimer: No Deccan Chronicle journalist was involved in creating this content. The group also takes no responsibility for this content.

( Source : Spotlight )
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