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Indian Rapunzel Maitreni Mishra takes on the digital sphere with her crowning glory

Published Jul 21, 2020, 4:57 pm IST
Updated Jul 21, 2020, 9:41 pm IST
How a simple girl-next-door, Maitreni, carved her own niche in the blogosphere with her immense capabilities
Be it, blogging and influencing or music and theatres, the artist in her brims with a plethora of creative dimensions
 Be it, blogging and influencing or music and theatres, the artist in her brims with a plethora of creative dimensions

Survival is to believe in yourself throughout and let your individuality shine. Maitreni Mishra is one such distinguished social media Influencer who lives on the same Darwinian evolutionary theory ‘survival of the fittest’.

Be it, blogging and influencing or music and theatres, the artist in her brims with a plethora of creative dimensions. Maitreni soon acquired the social stature of one of the ‘most versatile influencers’ who impacts with a difference.


This long hair model with 5 ft. hair length has been modelling for many international long hair fan communities.

With those voluminous, long, lustrous tresses, she’s garnered the title of the "Indian Rapunzel of Instagram". The lady has been lately seen matching her glam quotient with Bollywood celebrities as a fashion ambassador on Charmboard.

Submerged into the cruise of creativity, the sailor Maitreni knew life wasn’t as rosy as it appeals to the world.

“Everybody has their own struggle story and no one is either ‘just born to perform’ or ‘leading a life oh-so-perfect’.”; said the warrior woman when asked about the challenges she faced during her blogging journey.


Maitreni suffered through a serious phase of depression during her college days. Facing a chronic self-complexity disorder, her life was as shabby as one could ever imagine. She was never confident in her own skin.

She was insecure about her wheatish complexion, topped up with heavy body weight issues. She was also mocked down a lot of times with those oh-so-fair zero-sized college seniors. However, when she bagged the Ms. Fresher crown and sash even in that dusky complexion and with that 67 kg plump body, she had a self-realization that it wasn’t the fairness that makes its mark but the flamboyance that conquers.


And It was then that she realised she wasn’t made to pursue engineering or medical as her profession. The artist in her craved to explore the avenues of life that’s ‘out-of-the-box '. This thought in itself was enough to kick-off the vast sky of her dreams.

She developed her very own fashion and lifestyle blog cum e-magazine, The Style Symphony in 2014. Right from creating it to designing it to nurturing, TSS was no less than a brain child, a platform to discover her own instincts and a runway to explore her creative sensibilities.


Gradually, she started working on her blemishes, imperfections and weight issues, striving towards a more polished and confident personality. Over the years, the baby got nurtured by the mom-daughter duo, where ‘content was the king’!

The Style Symphony grew up to be one of Indian’s most popular Lifestyle, Tech, Travel and Auto blogs where brands started approaching with a vision to seek their symphony in her style.

In a life slammed by some social media rats mocking her further for not being born in a metropolitan city, this girl proved that a person’s appearance, degree or origin has nothing to do with success.


It’s only one’s capabilities and hard work that takes one closer towards his/her goals. She made her blog reach up to the glory of winning an award of the No.1 Lifestyle Blog of Bihar.

An award-winning blogger and an eminent social media Influencer today, Maitreni has endorsed some of the top-notch national and International brands in the fashion, technology and automobile industry till now.

As an anchor and news reporting journo in the past, she's also interviewed many Bollywood celebrities at press conferences including Arshad Warsi, Kangna Ranaut, Neha Sharma, Tapasee Pannu and more.


Later, she walked on the same path of theatres and entertainment by acting as a female lead in an award winning short film "Pattern" by Blacklisted Productions on YouTube. The movie made it to the final screening of national as well as international film festivals and also won awards.

Maitreni was selected by Sansui India to fly down to Mumbai and walk the red carpet along with stars and starlets of the Bollywood industry in Sansui Stardust Awards 2017.

In the same year, she got an opportunity to work closely with Bollywood Actor John Abraham and cheer the runners at Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, sponsored by Jet Airways. 2017 embarked her glorious blogging journey further when she got selected among the top 30 bloggers in India to become an ambassador for Fashion at Big Bazar (fbb).


Later, she even made it to the top 30 lifestyle and travel bloggers of India to get associated with Tata Motors. She was invited to attend their pre-launch media drives and reviewed the experience on her blog for 5 consecutive years.

As the solo female traveler selected by Nokia India and holiday IQ, she launched the Nokia 8 smartphone in the air through paragliding at Bir Billing.

Just like her sky-high aspirations, Maitreni never ceased to carve her own niche throughout her survival journey.

Gradually, she turned out to be a confidently distinct identity for the brands to explore her creative uniqueness. She has emerged irrevocably as an Influencer in a ‘true’ sense, the very style symphony way! 


At this time, Maitreni determines to never settle for less. She will continue to enchant her surroundings with the positivity emitted from her work of art. She affirms to empower her social space with her ‘on-the-move’ ‘all-the-time’ spirits.

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