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TCI Safe Safar is one-of-its-kind program running from 2019 that targets the driver community and the USER industry

New Delhi: Nukkad Natak – A street play. The established methodology from the 1940’s is yet again a proven way of community messaging. TCI Safe Safar’s unique use of this street play with actors communicating in local language, wearing colorful dresses, encouraging driver participation has made its mark with a reach of 1 million+ drivers, who have been made aware of safety, health, and environment aspects.

TCI Safe Safar is one-of-its-kind program running from 2019 that targets the driver community and the USER industry. More than being a road safety awareness programme, it aims to uplift the status of a driver, the one who keeps the country and the world moving. If not for him, the world would go into a standstill. Logistics as an activity happens on ground. Come hundred tech interventions, the importance of a skilled driver will always remain. But, whenever asked if the nation is doing enough for this community, the answer has never been up to the mark.

TCI Safe Safar by Transport Corporation of India Ltd. (TCI Group) is one step towards driver education - BY THE DRIVER, FOR THE DRIVER. He is the protagonist of this story, unlike many other road safety drives in the country.

Over the course of TCI Safe Safar’s journey, many corporates and associations have continued to support this initiative by granting letters of appreciation & accolades like:

* James Tye Award at the International Safety Awards by British Safety Council (2020)
* FICCI Road Safety Awards in the category ‘Innovative Educational Program’ in Road Safety (2019)
* ‘Innovation in Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility’ at AIMA’s 8th Innovation Practitioner’s Case Study Contest & Summit (2019)

Currently, the events are being conducted at customer locations & prominent places of Delhi-NCR. A new feature about ‘ESG’ has been added to the communication.

This is to sensitize the transport fraternity about climate change & immediate action points like – avoiding the use of plastic, switching to alternative sources of energy, insurance & “Inclusivity of Drivers” being the central talking point.

So let all stakeholders give the drivers their due by being a part of “TCI Safe Safar”!

Take the safety pledge on or write to TCI on for more information.

( Source : Spotlight )
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