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Thriving Entrepreneur Nick Mocuta Shares His Secrets To Prosper

Published Jul 20, 2020, 5:33 pm IST
Updated Jul 20, 2020, 5:33 pm IST
He stood up tall after every setback and continued to move forward with perseverance and immense grit
Nick Mocuta
 Nick Mocuta

All of us aspire to be successful and earn respect during our lifetime but only a few are able to fulfil our wishes like that.

Nick Mocuta is a thriving entrepreneur who did not let any obstacle hinder his way to success. He stood up tall after every setback and continued to move forward with perseverance and immense grit.


Here are his top tips to thrive and garner success:

1.    Never Stop Learning

When you embark on this gruelling journey, you will find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge you must imbibe before you practically start working. Sometimes you learn through researching and other times you learn from your mistakes. You may even find yourself falling prey to imposter syndrome or simply put “fake it till you make it” however do not lose hope, keep learning and soon you’ll find yourself on top of your game.


2.    Set Goals And Visualise Achieving Them

If we want to go ahead we must let go of the past that is holding us back however we must also acknowledge and reward ourselves for all that we have achieved as well. It will boost our morale and propel us to achieve more.

Once you have done the mentioned activity, write down the goals that you wish to achieve in the following year. It will keep your mind from constantly thinking about them and will serve as a source of accountability, should you think of giving up.

3.    Save To Invest


Saving money to simply “save it” serves no purpose or value in fact it will only decrease its value in the long term. However, if you save money in a secure account and invest it to build assets, it will serve as another source of income and will provide you with financial freedom and benefits.

4.    Be Disciplined And Decisive - Invest In Yourself

Nick accredits his success to one habit - being disciplined. According to him, most of the successful people are voracious readers and practice healthy diet and exercise routines. It is imperative we invest in ourselves to boost our mental, physical and psychological well-being.


While we navigate ourselves in hope of achieving and conquering more, we should spend time reflecting on the advice from people we aspire to be like so we can dauntlessly  follow the paths they have paved for us.