​MEDUSA's Sonal Jindal: Not just another businesswoman

MEDUSA is an event management company that organizes fashion and lifestyle exhibitions

Women have come a long way in the world of fashion business and apparel manufacturing! And Sonal Jindal, Founder/Director of MEDUSA & Managing Partner in MEDUSA Source, is a walking & talking example of the new-age Indian woman, comfortable in the driving seat!

Sonal Jindal is an award-winning businesswoman, who has found her feet in the industry thanks to the sheer hard work and perseverance that she has invested in her work. It is no wonder that this charismatic woman is also a Director at the Moodboard Consultancy, a specialized consultancy for corporate and retail clients. It launched its first Asia-Pacific business operations in 2018.

The client list of Sonal’s ventures includes leading fashion houses, hospitality groups, lifestyle companies and real estate magnates. Anybody who wants to see his concepts turned into brands with sustainable operations gets in touch with Sonal Jindal and she doesn’t disappoint.

MEDUSA, very much her baby, is a Delhi-based event management company that organizes fashion and lifestyle exhibitions. Its founder, inspired by fashion since her childhood, considers her family as her ‘biggest support system.’ She always wanted to be an entrepreneur and with MEDUSA she realized her dream. Her inspiration for fashion came from the sense of style that she saw in her grandmother and mother, from this belief, “Life has beautiful things to offer. Fashion is one of them. Enjoy fashion.”

Armed with her unique confidence, Sonal has created a beautiful balance between her professional and personal lives. This magnetic entrepreneur is also a mother to two children. Talking about her daughter’s dreams, Sonal says without hesitation, “I understand my daughter wants to be a painter. I just want to support and help her grow at every step.”

Well, we can almost see another leader in the making under a robust businesswoman’s tutelage!

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( Source : Agencies )
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