Vaishnavi Boora speaks about dealing with postpartum depression

On one end, the pregnancy journey was thrilling as a new member was getting added on to her family, while on the other, it was challenging

There is a reason she is known as one of the top certified fitness coaches and nutritionists in the fitness world.

Isn’t it astounding to know and read more about all those individuals and professionals who make sure to go beyond doing the usual in their respective industries? Well, the world is filled with too many talented beings, but a few incredible beings stand different from the rest for reasons more than one. This list is topped by many massively talented women out there who have been creating unimaginable success stories for themselves in every field they are deciding to be a part of.

The fitness world, too, needed women who other women could identify with for their journeys and choices. Serving as one of the finest examples to many other women around the world is Vaishnavi Boora, who, through her struggles, paved her own path to success as a fitness coach and nutritionist.

Vaishnavi Boora speaks about dealing with postpartum depression, saying that if not treated or catered to it at the right time, things might even go out of hand.

However, she highlights that women have the power within themselves to get out of that if they choose to open the doors to newer possibilities and opportunities, just like she did when she dived deep into the fitness world to fight her devils inside.

Getting into detail about her journey, the fitness expert says that in 2011 she was expecting her child. Just like other women, she had too gained much weight during that time. On one end, the pregnancy journey was thrilling as a new member was getting added on to her family, while on the other end, it was challenging as well due to the massive weight gain, which made her depressed.

However, she took the matter into her hands and surrendered herself to fitness to transform her life entirely. Today, she attributes her strong mental attitude, confidence, great and healthy body, and her passion for doing things to fitness. Vaishnavi Boora says that there is absolutely nothing that a woman can’t achieve. She broke stereotypes in the fitness world and emphasized that muscles are for everyone, regardless of gender.

Vaishnavi Boora (@official_vaishnavi_boora), through her journey through depression and the way she transformed her life, has gone ahead in inspiring women all around. She has been helping them with fitness through her online transformation programs as well as customized body transformation plans and customized nutrition guides, especially for those who suffer from PCOD/PCOS and Thyroid.

Do check out her fitness programs on her website,, to transform your life.

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