Revolutionizing Kitchen as a Service Space, Mukunda unveils Nucleus Kitchens

Taking a step forward in Kitchen as a Service, Mukunda launches Nucleus Kitchens aiming to reach 100 metro and cities

For as long as civilizations have come into being and survived, food has remained at the centre of it all. More so, the space matters – our cultures are bounded by kitchens and the magic of culinary that takes shape. With the advent of technology and the industrial revolution, we have surpassed human expectations of ease of doing work. Revolutions in the kitchen are silent – adopted by the masses and yet remain exceptional progress. Today, you cook a meal for 10 in less than two hours, all thanks to the ease of doing the job at hand.

After making its share of bang in Food-Tech, kitchen automation, and technology Mukunda Foods now steps into Kitchen as a Service (KAAS) space with Nucleus Kitchens.

The nucleus kitchen model is a new venture to view the commercial kitchen as a shared space for cloud kitchens when they are looking at expansion. Minimizing CAPEX and OPEX is dividing the workload between partners and itself. The kitchen model takes complete hold of cooking the food, keeping in check the uniform recipe and SOPs.

The business model of the Nucleus Kitchens allows for lower input costs. This includes no space rental charges or equipment costs. Replacing the model of investment at every step, Mukunda Foods finds its final share cycle thus enhancing partnership culture, and setting a new trend in the cloud kitchen segment all the while keeping the quality of the food at the core of its model. The model has helped leading brands such as Auntie’s Fung, Bigguy’s Wingery, Biggies Burger, Maharaja Chaap, Mad Momos, Meraki, Ghost Kitchen, Miami shakes, Wakka Makka, Ching chong, Khichdi Paradise, Badmash Biryani, Biryani Hazirho, Bhayankar Burgers.

The company aims to make the idea of Nucleus Kitchens an accessible, and imaginable possibility with its plan of launching in 100 metros and mini-cities across India, Commenting on the future possibilities of the model, Mr. Ramchander Raman, Co-Founder & COO, the brain and force behind KAAS said, “We understood the growing concerns for cloud kitchen investment and hassles associated with it. And nucleus kitchens enable the brands to focus on generating demands while the operational process and major Capex is spearheaded by Nucleus Kitchens by Mukunda Foods. Sharing the revenue at the end of the cycle offers mutual respect and profitability for both the partners, making it a win-win situation.

With no rentals on property, no operational concerns, high consistency of products along with highly scalable profits, KAAS and thus Nucleus by Mukunda Foods is changing the scope of Indian markets. The firm thus brings to the culinary business world the ultimate solution of retaining costs and delivering uniform quality food across food chains. Not only would this change the nature of business cycles in the culinary industry, but it is also a step forward towards garnishing a competition that would entail increased automation and technological growth. This B2B venture therefore is all set to change and is going to change the game for the better.

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