What are the Top DevOps training institutes in India?

Simplilearn is the world’s number one online Bootcamp offering over 400 courses in various domains, Simplilearn

The software sector of any company plays a huge role in determining its success. Therefore, companies are always hunting for individuals well-versed in DevOps to help them excel in software and automation. DevOps skills will be among the fastest expanding in the labor force. About 77% of businesses use or plan to use DevOps to deploy software now or in the foreseeable future.

DevOps certification courses will, therefore, assist you in mastering such skills. But where can you take training for DevOps and bag a fantabulous career for yourself? Keep scrolling, and figure out the top five DevOps training institutes in India.


So at the top of the list, here is the number one ranked DevOps training institute in India with 4.9/5 star rating, StarAgile. StarAgile offers unbeatable DevOps training in collaboration with IBM with 100% placement assistance. StarAgile was founded back in 2016 and after six years in the industry, StarAgile, with the help of its 130-member training faculty, has trained over 50,000 professionals and over 100,000 students.

In the DevOps course, StarAgile starts the training right from scratch. It begins with the basics, i.e., DevOps essentials, where topics like the SDLC, which includes white box testing, black-box testing, LINUX administration, DevOps market trends, delivery pipeline, ecosystem, etc., are covered. It then dives into the core part, having themes like containerization and continuous integration. Beyond senseless rote learning and monotonous memorization, StarAgile will take you to the world of practical applications and usage of DevOps tools like Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and many more. By the end of the course, you will be confident, both in theory as well as implementation.

To effectively help you with DevOps training, StarAgile will impart new methods of thinking, working, organizing, and measuring. Moreover, after taking their DevOps course, you will be able to make better judgments using actionable analytics, resulting in continual development. So, with hands-on training, 6 months of project experience certificate, and lifetime access to recorded sessions you can transform yourself into an industry-worthy candidate and land a high-paying job with their 100% placement assistance.


Intellipat is an institute focused on providing training to students at a very affordable price. Intellipaat strongly believes in the right to education. Therefore, they aspire to make their training and materials accessible to anyone and everyone around the country. At the same time, they provide high-quality content, training pedagogy, support at any time of the day, and job assistance.

Having taken extreme care in designing its DevOps training course, Intellipat has made it simple yet effective. The course starts by introducing the basic methodology of DevOps, slowly taking off by introducing the crucial tools of DevOps like Puppet and Ansible, with hands-on experience. After some time, you will deal with automated build and test using Selenium and Maven and container orchestration using Kubernetes. Finally, the course ends with a detailed explanation of performance tuning and monitoring using Nagios.

Apponix Technologies

At rank number three, we have Apponix Technologies, a Bangalore-based DevOps training institute. All their trainers have a minimum work experience of more than seven years. Also, they have a dedicated student portal for all the students to review their performance and other aspects. Moreover, they have an exceptional lab infrastructure for its students for getting the best outputs out of their training sessions and many more.

Apponix Technologies offers an in-depth DevOps course, different from the other ones. They use both Linux and Windows and teach special features associated with both interfaces. Moreover, you will encounter topics like SDLC, which includes white box testing, black-box testing, etc., Agile methodologies including scrum testing, sprint planning, etc., and LINUX administration.

Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies is an institute having its main branches in Chennai and Bangalore. It is an institute having substantial recognition and performance, especially in its base branch areas. However, it is still on the track to getting global recognition, although it has a branch in the USA.

Here, you can get your DevOps certification within just one month. Within one month, you will learn some billion-dollar topics of DevOps like infrastructure automation, continuous testing, integration, and monitoring. Also, you will get 20 hours of live projects. Finally, Besant technologies will let you choose the session timings, giving you the freedom to accomplish any side goals!


Simplilearn is the world’s number one online Bootcamp offering over 400 courses in various domains, Simplilearn. It is an institute mainly based in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore, India.

Simplilearn’s DevOps course is all about variety and diversity. Along with the usual topics mandatory for DevOps like cloud platforms, deployment automation, source control, etc., you will learn about 13 tools used extensively in DevOps like SaltStack, JUnit, Jenkins, CVS, etc. The course also includes four industry projects on dockerizing Jenkins pipeline, branching development model, etc.


Get certified in DevOps today, and start helping corporates and their IT departments consistently provide outstanding value amidst constantly changing requirements. DevOps courses will help you bring together Software Development and IT to boost communication and productivity.

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