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Ziqitza Healthcare's helpline handled over 16.30 lac calls since March 2020

Published Sep 18, 2020, 6:18 pm IST
Updated Sep 18, 2020, 6:18 pm IST
Since its declaration as the national helpline on COVID, the Ziqitza operated 104 Helpline witnessed a sudden in the inflow of the calls
Ziqitza Healthcare Helpline
 Ziqitza Healthcare Helpline

104 Helpline operated by Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd  in MP and Odisha was primarily intended to provide medical assistance for several minor physiological illnesses, ailments, and mental distresses, along with directory information, details on health schemes, a grievance redressal mechanism, and more.  

But since March 2020 In line with the pandemic and the critical medical situation that has risen, 104 Helpline has been successfully handling and attending to the COVID 19 queries for the public in Madhya Pradesh and Odisha.


Since its declaration as the national helpline on COVID, the Ziqitza operated 104 Helpline centres have witnessed a sudden in the inflow of the calls from 2000 per day to approximately 20,000 -22,000 calls a day; the mix includes both general health inquiries and COVID-19 specific calls.

Wherein fear and anxiety caught everyone’s mind, the 104 Helpline in last 180 days has received varied nature of calls asking about COVID, symptoms, precautions, treatment, first line of actions required, hospitals handling COVID, tests to be conducted, self-isolation etc.


To manage the overnight 10x increase in the calls, the capacity in the call centre was increased by Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd in both the states.

Also, to ensure service continuity the team size was increased and training was provided to address queries on COVID-19.

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd under the guidance and support of the Government and Ministry of Health has been diligently monitoring the queries received under helpline number 104. Further to ensure timely assistance and redressal of the queries there is an increase in the capacity of services in certain locations such as Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, and Odisha etc.  As per following:


Increasing seats in the Call centre within 24 hours

Special training imparted to the crew and call center staff on how to attend a COVID 19 case
Dedicated ambulance with necessary essentials for the transfer of the suspects / confirmed cases

Call centre to work 24x7 with staff on rotational basis

Excellent support from CMSO in terms of proving required safety gears and sanitizers etc. for the crew handling patients directly
Advised ground staff to wear safety gears for every suspected case and maintain the distance of minimum 3ft between patient and staff.


Provided sanitizers to office staff and CDC staff and to compulsory wear mask while using operating systems at the call centre
Regular medical and health check-ups conducted of the crew and staff coming in contact with the patients

Keeping in mind the safety of our employees, Ziqitza ltd. have created Pocket Call Centre and have made Stay Arrangements for our employees. Especially for the once who stay far and want to keep their families safe. The calls that are addressed falls in category of seeking information, medical advice, counselling or complaints.


Ziqitza Call Center Executives are trained to handle these queries and there is a Doctor too present at the call center to support in case of any specific queries.

Ziqitza Healthcare ltd is diligently looking into every call and transfer, related to COVID 19 with utmost care as per the protocols received by the Government.

Our team comprising of Paramedic and the Driver follow all caution to ensure the well-being of our staff to avoid any cross infection to the patient or their family.

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, the organization that is behind managing 104 Helplines ensured the staff safety at workplace ensured sitting arrangements were done with social distancing norms, fumigation of office at frequent intervals or providing buses for their transfers or making food and stay arrangements.


All This was done along with efficient management of shift timings are managed from 12hrs to 24hrs to cater to heavy call inflows.

104 Helpline was also instrumental in directing the calls for transfers of COVID-19 suspected/confirmed patients to 108 Helpline.

The ambulances in each district was deputed to transfer COVID suspected /confirmed cases. In ensuring smooth operation of highly sensitive cases, the 108-teamreceived relentless support and encouragement from the members of CMSO across the states.  

CMSO team ensured complete safety of the crew by providing with required safety gears. The ambulances are fumigated and sanitised every time a COVID-19 conformed patient is transferred.


The safety protocols are strictly followed by the Ambulance Staff to avoid any transfer of infections.

The work done by Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd (ZHL) resulted in a prestigious award win- 4th CSR Health Impact Awards 2020 under the Social Impact Category for the contribution during COVID.

Commenting on the measures taken for COVID-19, Mr. Naresh Jain , CEO, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd said, “Ziqitza Management is taking utmost care of 108 Ambulance Staff and 104 Helpline Staff safety is not compromised by taking all precaution at every stage in office premise , call centre and ambulance.


Most importantly regular medical check-ups are conducted for the staff to negate any infection possibilities. We are committed to ensuring emergency service is fully operational across the round the clock.  

104 Helpline has been in forefront addressing the people queries or anxieties related to the COVID-19 in India. Ziqitza operated 104 Helplines managed to receive over 16 lac Calls and answered over 6 lacs calls.

Our efforts have been to implement all safety norms both at call centre or ambulance is being followed as staff safety is our key priority while dealing with pandemic.”


About Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd.

Ziqitza had been set up with a vision to assist in saving human lives by providing a leading network of fully equipped Advanced and Basic Life Support Ambulances across the developing world.

Ziqitza is currently operating Ambulances, Medical Helplines, Mobile Medical units and Corporate Wellness Solutions across Mumbai, Bihar, Kerala, West Bengal, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Punjab and Odisha, MP and Jharkhand.

Ziqitza has currently more than 10,000 people working tirelessly, day and night, to serve people in India. Ziqitza Limited is currently operating more than 3300 ambulances across 16 states and has served more than 25 million people till date.


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