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Manish Baser explains key elements of travel photography

Published Aug 18, 2020, 5:50 pm IST
Updated Aug 18, 2020, 5:50 pm IST
Manish Baser, one of the leading Travel photographers, shares the key facets of travel photography
Manish Baser
 Manish Baser

Manish Baser, one of the leading Travel photographers, shares the key facets of travel photography from his experience. While the travel is some time away for most of us, it would be insightful to know what goes behind those beautiful landscape pictures.

Firstly, as per Manish, planning a holiday well in advance is essential in being successful at capturing the right moments.


For instance, one cannot hope to visit Iceland in summers and see northern lights. Similarly, for capturing Milky way shots, one has to plan on days with minimum light pollution. Other advantages of early planning are cheaper travel and availability of better accommodations.

Secondly, one should do a thorough research on the location. One should be aware of the rules and the local culture.

Some deep research would help one be aware of the hidden gems in and around the location. One should plan to reach the photography locations at the right time. It pays to skip that breakfast and reach the location early morning because of fewer tourists. 


Thirdly, one should have the right photography gear. An extra battery would be really useful in cold weather.

A sturdy tripod helps in clicking those beautiful long exposure shots. One also needs to identify the camera lenses to carry as having the right lens is essential to capture the dream shot however travelling light is also important.

While one would have some composition in mind because of the research, having an open mind and ability to experiment with the composition makes a big difference. It gives immense pleasure to take a never-seen-before shot from a photography location. Another factor to consider is Camera settings.


While it’s very important to shoot in RAW formats, keeping a close eye on ISO is critical to get the desired sharpness in the image. Imagining the shot in mind and then capturing usually works out better than clicking multiple images of the same place and hoping that some would come out neat.

Just like many things in life, process is equally important as output in travel photography and hence it is really important to enjoy your travel. One’s ability to be flexible with compositions comes handy in adverse weather conditions – the mindset of being fine with changing the daylight shot to a cloudy thunderstorm shot because of changed weather conditions is very rewarding in the long term.


Another often neglected aspect is safety. It can be very tempting to move as close as possible to those cliffs, beaches and animals, one should be aware of the surrounding at all times and take appropriate measures. Lastly, traveling responsibly is incredibly important. It is one’s duty to leave the place as clean as found.

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