Musical Prodigy Mike Yang is Studying Under Renowned Coach Matt Newton

Prior to his coaching career, he has appeared on many tv shows and films ranging across a wide variety of genres

A violin virtuoso and actor, Mike Yang has recently partnered up with acting coach Matt Newton to work on his craft.

Yang came to New York after he was admitted into NYU Tisch drama, which is one of the best acting programs the nation has to offer.

But before this, he has already had great accomplishments in the field of music. He has been playing the violin starting from the age of 5 and has since performed at some of the best concert halls in China such as Guangzhou Opera House.

Yang came to Newton as Newton is known as one of the best on-camera acting coach.

According to sources, he has probably the highest success rate of helping his students land roles in film/tv. Prior to his coaching career, he has appeared on many tv shows and films ranging across a wide variety of genres.

He has performed in all media including theatre, commercials and voice overs. His long list of credits boasts shows such as Gilmore Girls, Criminal Minds, Drake and Josh Go Hollywood, among many others.

He has certainly proven to be an excellent acting coach as he has helped Tony winners, Emmy award winners, Gold Globe nominees such as Aziz Ansari.

Newton is an experienced on-set coach who has coached on the Emmy nominated When They See US and his client on the show was likewise nominated. He has also coached many others on well-known series such as Orange is the New Black and Jessica Jones.

His two books “10 Steps to Breaking into Acting” and “The No B.S. Guide to the Acting Biz” are some of the best sellers on the topic of the business of acting.

Yang has the pleasure of working with Newton and absorbing his expertise in the field of acting.

He describes his teaching style as simple and to the point. Newton’s feedback has helped Yang grow tremendously and taught him a great deal about the business of acting.

Yang has discovered a new sense of simplicity and nuance in his work under the tutelage of Newton. His audition skills have continued to mature and his talent is bound to shine in Hollywood.

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