Mark Hull on Why Your Digital Footprint Matters

First, you get to showcase your products and services to audiences in a creative, eye-catching format

Three seconds. That is how long you have to capture someone’s attention online. With such a blink-of-an-eye time span, ensuring that your brand creatively captivates your viewer’s attention is vital. Now more than ever, companies require a strong digital presence to reach their customers and attract potential leads to their business. According to Mark Hull, your online presence heavily determines whether customers engage with you. Hull adds that this is true for all businesses, even those that have been household names for decades.

Mark Hull is an award-winning criminal defense lawyer and an Austin-based entrepreneur. He is the sole partner and founder of The Hull Firm, which has been consistently successful and is highly acclaimed in the Central Texas legal world. Hull explains that his social media presence, personally and for his brands, has been crucial in scaling his companies. The focus of his personal social media platforms, his passion for cars, gives audiences a glimpse into the multifaceted life of Hull the car enthusiast and collector, alongside Hull the lawyer.

Several research studies found that at least 85% of consumers search for products online before they make a purchase or use a service. The most common online spaces for this search are social media and search engines like Google. Therefore, having a digital presence is crucial to the growth of any brand, new or long established.

According to Hull, the digital space is packed full of unlimited benefits for your business. First, you get to showcase your products and services to audiences in a creative, eye-catching format. Content generation is so easy in today’s digital world. Smartphones shoot top-quality video and photos, upload in milliseconds, and share to your audience instantly. Think outside the box and create images that motivate your followers to interact with your brand.

Then, once your business has a solid foundation on social media, a sustained, creative presence makes it easy for customers to find you. Hull explains that it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, every business needs a digital presence to connect with its customers, and the better known you are on social media the quicker your target audience will find you.

The digital space also gives you access to cutting-edge marketing and advertising tools such as SEO, which Hull cites as a driving force in the unprecedented success of The Hull Firm. He also points out that marketing your brand online is not only easy and effective, it’s also cost-efficient compared to traditional marketing tactics, making it a win-win for you as a business owner.

The benefits of a digital presence can’t be overstated, Hull stresses. Especially in spaces that are just discovering social media’s relevance. Focus on building a concrete presence now, and lead your industry into the digital future of business.

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