Zero Bond is Will Makris\' Gift to the Elite and Discerning Crowd

This architectural beauty is located at the center of New York’s NoHo neighborhood, and the conceptual vision to this club is second to none

Exclusivity is a big factor which draws in members of high society, thus making any private membership club a desirable location and hang-out spot for people of celebrity status, as well as others that are high up on the social hierarchy. However, expansion of such clubs presents countless problems as they are run by businessmen who are focused on profit. The main cause for concern is that during expansion, prices are increased and people of lower status becomes members, in turn, the clubs begin to lose their aura of exclusivity and the bedrock they were built on. This is the determining factor for many of the original members to leave and seek out other private membership clubs that can tailor to their specific needs. However, Will Makris and his partner Scott Sartiano have identified this common occurrence, and formulated a premier solution which will retain its members and exclusive ambiance. The main factors they are focused on are setting proper standards in place, and creating a process where they can control who can become a member and who cannot. They have created their own spin on private membership clubs called Zero Bond. This architectural beauty is located at the center of New York’s NoHo neighborhood, and the conceptual vision to this club is second to none. Slated for debut in October, the club employs a stringent vetting process that is centered around the attributes of each individual who seeks to become a member. Zero Bond will undoubtedly establish an aura that will set the precedent for exclusive membership clubs in the near future.

Famous architects William Sofied and Studio Sofied have incorporated their vision into the layout, and the membership club is poised to set the standard for whoever wants to be considered for this illustrious club. The club has plenty of space for many exciting activities, with 20,000 square feet of harmonious indoor space to be enjoyed by its members. The one-of-a-kind club has Baccarat chandeliers, exposed brick, and comfortable furniture to lounge and enjoy a drink, or the company of others. The elegant and sleek design creates an atmosphere that many seek when choosing the right private membership club. Often times, members would like a different environment to work from, and the club has large workspaces and conference rooms that provide a tranquil, yet bustling environment. Many members of these clubs often like to reserve spaces for private events, and Zero Bond is able to accommodate their requests. From private movie screenings, sports watching events like the Super Bowl, Zero Bond is able to meet the desires of even the most exclusive members of high society. The club also works with great companies who provide delicious wine tasting events with a sommelier, and health and wellness weekends for those with impeccable taste. Great food is of paramount importance, and Zero Bond hits the nail on the head with its classic American-style restaurant, the club also features an Omakase bar which brings in notorious chefs from around the world that specialize in their own cuisine.

Zero Bond also employs staff that are specifically trained to service the high-end crowd, with world-class service and the highest level of respect for the members. The cornerstone of the club is for members of high social ranking to be able to venture out and mingle with others like themselves, while feeling comfortable that their safety and privacy is secure.

Zero Bond is not just for elite members, but it is a club that welcomes all to join. Will Makris excels at his ability to create a crowd from all walks of life, enabling people to enjoy its unparalleled architecture, food, and activities. If you are looking for a place to feel comfortable and get out of the house, network, and enjoy some great food and ambiance, Zero Bond is the place to be.

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