Why Affiliate marketing is a Game Changer? - TalkCharge taking the lead

TalkCharge is one of the successfully running Cashback & Coupon website working on the model of Affiliate Marketing

The online marketing business is predicted to be $50-$70 billion by 2020, out of which 15%-30% (more than $12 billion) is due to affiliate marketing.’

What’s the last thing you bought online? When was your previous digital payment made? The answer will be either today or yesterday. We are no Ginnie’s, but that’s how our life is shaped in this modern era. It is known as the era of digitization. From toothbrush to house, everything can be bought online. Even services like finding a maid or hiring a ‘Chotu’ is now possible.

The Indian Online Market concerns of; Advertiser, Publisher, and Consumer. Publishers are the kingpin as they not just help in the further advertisement of the products but also helps in re-directing the potential Consumers/Buyers on Advertiser’s page. Affiliate Marketing is a ‘broker’ or ‘middlemen’ services on online platforms.

We use a handful of apps or bookmark only favorite pages on our devices, rest all the brands are searched online. With zillions of options and brands to choose from, it becomes a herculean task to settle on one. Understanding the dire straits, and to make our lives less chaotic, TalkCharge takes the lead.

Affiliated model-based Cashback and Coupon Website like TalkCharge is proving to be one big help to both for users/buyers and merchants, aka online retailers. TalkCharge works on both B2B and B2C models.

What is the Affiliate marketing segment of TalkCharge?

A process where TalkCharge promotes a product or brand of some other merchant or store, the same can be advertised at their channel, social platform, or even their sites through an affiliate network; Merchant share commission with TalkCharge if they are successful in generating a sale to the company!

Why Affiliate marketing generates more than 5 billion clicks and 170 million transactions?

There is no constraint on what online platform one has to promote a product. One can do affiliate marketing using WhatsApp or Facebook too. It may not be a cakewalk, but everyone can do it. One has to choose the product they want to promote simply. After settling for one, get your affiliate URL via Affiliate Network of your choice, and you are all set.

Affiliate Marketing has proven to be one of the best techniques to earn Passive Income these days. So, if you don’t own a product, you still can make money by promoting it as an Affiliate Marketer!

Understanding the Revenue Sharing Model of TalkCharge

Take a pen and paper and start jotting down the brands you know, searching them online or downloading their apps may be tedious and ‘running out of space’ task. But, surfing TalkCharge can give you access to all of them.

TalkCharge is one of the successfully running Cashback & Coupon website working on the model of Affiliate Marketing. They are associated with brands like Flipkart, Amazon, Bata, Swiggy, BigBasket, and more while providing their users with great cashback on all their shopping.

One can easily connect with one of the pioneer brands like TalkCharge to promote or publish your products and can share commission once they start driving or generating sales for you.

If you are still confused about affiliate marketing and how TalkCharge is acing the game then have a look at the little Ted talk with TalkCharge:

Is Affiliate Marketing & Performance Marketing Related?

Answering to this Ankush Katiyar, Founder of TalkCharge said “In a broader prospect Affiliate Marketing can be considered as a type of Performance-based Marketing” adding to this he also told us “Performance-based marketing is a way of online marketing and advertising in which advertisers like Flipkart, Swiggy, Myntra pays a commission to marketing companies like TalkCharge when a specific action is completed; such as a sale, lead or click.”

This made us eager to dig deep, and we couldn’t stop ourselves from asking;

How is it better than other forms of Marketing? Or why one should not go for the traditional ATL or BTL activity?

As answered by Shivani Maheshwari – Chief Operating Officer TalkCharge, she said “Unlike other forms of traditional advertising like Above The Line or Below The Line activities where commission or price is paid upfront and is independent of the success of the ads or sales it will generate, advertisers or affiliate providers in Affiliate marketing only pay for successful transactions or sales.

This Performance-based marketing has changed the traditional value schema of advertising, as now for advertisers, the real-time measurement of ROI is possible.”

One question that was jumping in our heads is; - Affiliate marketing may be a remunerative situation for both advertisers and publishers, but what about the consumers?

We were then informed about the catch here- CASHBACK!

TalkCharge is acing the game and winning hearts as it shares 95% of the commission with its customers in the form of Cashback while they shop via TalkCharge App or Website.

This amount can be used by transferring in TalkCharge Wallet or back to their bank accounts or redeem it to make Recharges, Bill Payments or purchase Giftcards of renowned brands like Bata, Croma, BookMyShow, BigBazaar & more.

We believe that Affiliate Marketing is a win-win case benefitting new Start-ups like Ajio, The Moms Co, established brands like Flipkart, BookMyShow, MakeMyTrip, Cashback & Coupon Websites like TalkCharge and even a good source of passive income to people who don’t have their product or site!

It will be interesting to see how this billion’s worth industry will reap in this dynamic era. TalkCharge is already rocking the charts by continuously upgrading itself with all the latest updates.

But, as TalkCharge says, Keep Upgrading your goal to stay a step of your competition.

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